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This article takes you to play with the rich interconnection features of Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series.

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Now when it comes to multi-terminal interconnection, it is nothing new. It not only makes people's lives more exciting and convenient, but also makes their work more efficient. Especially at work, the interconnection between phones and tablets can further stimulate productivity. Take Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series and Samsung Galaxy mobile phone interconnection as an example, it can bring S mutual transmission, multiple control, Samsung multi-screen linkage, wireless keyboard sharing, power sharing and other practical functions, making people more comfortable and overcome difficulties in the workplace. At present, with the advent of double 12, Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series ushered in super-value activities, it is a good time to start.

At work, many people receive and process a large amount of information every day, in which files, pictures, videos and so on not only occupy memory, but also become problems in the transmission between various devices, such as the need to login software operation is complex, or slow transmission speed reduces efficiency. At this time, S Mutual transfer supported by Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series has the opportunity to display its ability to transfer large files or multiple files on Samsung Galaxy phones to the tablet brain quickly and safely with one click. Designers or later workers, by using this function, can efficiently complete file transfer between different devices, modify and share files in a timely manner.

Given the need for people to immerse themselves in their work, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series also offers a more efficient multitasking experience, with multiple controls across devices that make it easy to create, organize and edit content while quickly and easily switching between devices at the same time. Specifically, users can connect the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series with Samsung Galaxy phones, and then use a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad to control the phone and tablet, and move notes, photos and other content across devices between the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series and mobile phones, further improving productivity.

Tablets have a better screen size than phones and better flexibility than laptops, so if you use a tablet in an outdoor environment or on the move, you can gain a wider view and improve ease of operation. When used outdoors, the second-generation dynamic AMOLED display screen of Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series up to 14.6in, supporting Vision Booster technology, will bring users a vivid and bright visual experience. In addition, the flat plate armored aluminum fuselage and the support for IP68 dustproof and waterproof grade also make it more comfortable to go out and use it.

In addition, the keyboard case of Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series also supports wireless keyboard sharing, which connects wireless keyboard sharing to Samsung Galaxy phones, allowing you to type or navigate smoothly, while controlling tablets and phones, making it more convenient to type or do other operations on your phone. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series can also be used in case of emergency when Samsung Galaxy mobile phone is in emergency, charging the phone through USB-C wire, without delaying important information in work and life.

Because work is more efficient and life is more exciting, Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series of diversified interconnection functions are built according to people's needs and can be called the best partners for users to stimulate productivity. Not only that, the immersive big screen effect of Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series, the S Pen experience, and the lifelike and enjoyable game experience supported by the new generation of processors are all the reasons for its numerous fans. Take advantage of double 12, pack Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series and take it home!

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