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The 2024 Feifan R7 model has been launched for two weeks, and Huawei AR-HUD has a selection rate of 80%.

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According to news on December 4, Feifan announced today that 2024 models of the Feifan R7 coupe SUV have been launched for two weeks, and Huawei AR-HUD users have reached 80% of the selection rate.

According to reports, the car is equipped with a "value of 1 billion" Feifan Bay domain driving system, Huawei vision enhanced AR-HUD heads-up system, Bach cockpit, starting at 189900 yuan.

Details of the 2024 Feifan R7 attached to are as follows:

The length, width and height of the 2024 Feifan R7 are 4900/1925/1655mm, wheelbase 2950mm, with a sliding back design with a wind resistance coefficient of 0.238CD; the front face adopts a down-pressing design, which cooperates with the surrounding on both sides and the rear fender tail vent, which can effectively reduce the wind resistance and create a sense of movement.

The car introduced the Feifan Bach cockpit for the first time, equipped with the Feifan Bach master steering wheel and immersed vector sound technology, which claims to "keep the sound direction consistent with the user's attention direction".

At the same time, the 2024 Feifan R7 takes Huawei's vision-enhanced AR-HUD head-up system as the center to more deeply integrate AR-HUD and intelligent driving information.

The interior of the car is also equipped with AR-HUD, 43-inch triple screen, 360 °panoramic image, 256color linear atmosphere lamp, 1.855 square meter integrated dome glass, streaming media internal rearview mirror, full-function SPA seat and so on.

The 2024 Feifan R7 is equipped with a rear-drive single motor, maximum power 250kW, peak torque 450 N ·m, zero acceleration 5.8 s, built-in 77kWh / 90kWh ternary lithium battery, CLTC mileage 570km / 670km.

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