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"carved two turnips cheated 30 billion" follow-up: said Noah Wealth maliciously sued and misled investors and the public.

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Thanks to netizen West Window old clues delivery! December 4 news, Jingdong Group today released "Noah Wealth malicious prosecution Jingdong, misleading investors and the public statement."

Recently, the "Chengxing Case" has aroused widespread attention from the media and the public. In response, Jingdong issued a statement saying that Jingdong, as an unwitting victim, was involved in a four-year malicious lawsuit and suffered heavy losses to its reputation and rights.

Jingdong said that in the process of Chengxing contract fraud, Chengxing Company easily cheated Noah Wealth, known as "Global Comprehensive Financial Platform," and its Gefei assets with fake Jingdong official seal, fake Jingdong employees, fake Jingdong system and false transaction data, and obtained huge financing from Gefei, which directly caused thunder. In the face of fraud that lasted for more than two years, there were obvious defects in Gefei's asset due diligence work, huge loopholes in investment and financing management, and Fang Jianhua, a senior executive, accepted huge bribes from Chengxing (sentenced in the first instance), resulting in heavy losses to investors and failing to fulfill due responsibilities and obligations to investors.

Jingdong also said, According to public information, Noah wealth in recent years has occurred more than a dozen similar incidents, More than 10 billion fund payment problems, And many times to investors conceal information, Repeatedly by the regulatory authorities warning and punishment, Explain its long-term existence of serious risk control defects. At present, criminal cases related to the "Chengxing case" have been pronounced in the first instance, and Luo Jing, the actual controller of Chengxing, and other fraud suspects have been sentenced to prison. Noah Wealth and Gefei Assets still ignore the trust of investors, refuse to examine their internal management problems, maliciously launch incredible high-value lawsuits against the third party Jingdong, attempt to confuse the public, continue to mislead investors and the general public, shirk and transfer responsibilities, and look for "scapegoats" for themselves. We believe that the court will judge the case fairly. It is hoped that Noah Wealth and Gefei Assets will face up to their own problems, take sincerity and rectification measures, especially to improve the most basic integrity and accomplishment of wealth management companies, and truly safeguard the rights and interests of investors.

Previously on

At noon on July 5,2019, Boxin announced that Luo Jing, the actual controller and chairman of the company, and Jiang Shaoyang, director and chief financial officer of the company, were detained by Yangpu Branch of Shanghai City Public Security Bureau on June 20 and June 25 respectively. On July 8,2019, Noah Wealth announced that the products issued by Gefei Assets provided supply chain financing for related companies of Chengxing International Holdings, with a total amount of RMB 3.4 billion yuan. The actual controller of Chengxing International Holdings was recently detained by the Chinese police on suspicion of fraudulent activities.

In 2022, the Second Intermediate People's Court of Shanghai City (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Second Intermediate People's Court") made a first-instance judgment, finding Luo Jing sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime of contract fraud and bribery of non-state functionaries.

According to the criminal judgment of "Chengxing Case" disclosed by investors, from February 2015 to June 2019, Chengxing Holdings and related companies defrauded Xiangcai Securities, Moshan Factoring, Shanghai Gefei, Yunnan Trust, Anhui Zhongxin and other institutions of more than RMB 30 billion yuan through fictitious supply chain trade with Suning and Jingdong, and finally caused losses of more than RMB 8 billion yuan.

The judgment also found that Jingdong, Suning and other companies and employees were unaware of Chengxing fraud, and relevant cooperation contracts, seals and materials were forged.

According to the judgment, under Luo Jing's instruction and arrangement, several employees of Chengxing Department pretended to be employees of Jingdong Company and Suning Company to interview, hand over materials and sign contracts face-to-face with forged work cards; displayed false website of Jingdong Company to relevant financial institutions, provided false trade data and purchase and sales contracts and other materials; Intercept the express delivery of creditor's rights transfer materials sent by these financial institutions to Jingdong Company and Suning Company, stamp false seals on the materials and send them back to the injured units; open accounts to counterfeit Jingdong Company accounts for repayment, etc. In addition, Noah financing staff Fang Jianhua received more than 2 million yuan of bribes from Chengxing Department, which provided convenience for Chengxing Company's fraud in terms of business docking, return visit and adjustment.

However, in July 2019, Shanghai Gefei filed a claim for compensation of RMB 3.419 billion yuan because Jingdong failed to fulfill its payment obligations as required by the Confirmation Letter for Transfer of Accounts Receivable, and the remaining defendants failed to assume repurchase obligations or guarantee liabilities as agreed.

More than four years later, on November 24, Gefei Asset and Shanghai Ziyan Car Rental Service Co., Ltd. filed a lawsuit against Chengxing and Jingdong, which was heard in Shanghai City Financial Court on the same day.

On November 28, Gefei Asset released a statement:

Recently, our company is concerned that the relevant contents of the "Chengxing Case"(hereinafter referred to as the Case) disseminated on the Internet are seriously inaccurate, which has seriously violated our reputation and misled investors and the public. The criminal fraud related to the subject of Chengxing Party involves Gefei and many other financial institutions. As one of the victims of the fraud case, Gefei represents the relevant private equity funds managed by Gefei. As one of the victims of the fraud case, it resolutely takes judicial rights protection behavior at the first time of the incident in 2019, tries its best to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all fund investors, and actively promotes risk resolution. The case is under trial. Our company suggests that all parties concerned respect justice and do not mislead the public. Our company has filed complaints according to law and asked relevant parties to stop infringing acts.

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