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OPPO ColorOS 14 system December official version upgrade plan: including 35 models such as one plus Ace2 series

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Shulou( Report-- December 4 news, OPPO announced ColorOS 14 system upgrade plan for December, 35 models are about to launch the official version. with specific date models:

December 7th

Find X5 Pro celestial version

One plus Ace2

One plus Ace Pro

Reno10 Pro+

One plus Ace 2V

One plus Ace2 original god customized gift box

One plus Ace Pro original God Limited Edition

Reno8 Pro+

December 8th

OPPO Pad 2

December 14th



December 20th


December 21st

One plus Ace 2 Pro

One plus Ace 2 Pro original God Pimon theme gift box




K10 dynamic version

A1 Pro

December 27th

Find X3 Pro

Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition

Find X3 Pro photographer version

One plus 9Pro

One plus 9RT

Reno8 Pro

Find X3

One plus nine

One plus 9RT original god limited gift box


December 28th

One plus Ace racing version

Reno10 Pro Star Sound Edition

K10 Pro

One plus Ace


K10 Pro

2 models are about to start public testing.

December 26th

Find N3

Find N3 Flip

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