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The trailer of Bandai animation "Mobile Warrior Gao Da: Requiem of Vengeance" was released, which was produced by Unreal 5.

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Thanks to netizen IDesign for the clue delivery!, December 4 (Xinhua)-- Wandai Namenggong has released the latest trailer for the original animation "Mobile Warrior Gunda: the Requiem of Vengeance", which will be broadcast exclusively by Netflix in 6 episodes of 30 minutes each. noted that "Mobile Warrior Gunda: the Requiem of Vengeance" was produced by Unreal engine 5, directed by Erasmus Bross Road ("Battle Hammer 40K"), written by Gavin Hagnett ("Iron fist: blood", "Transformers: cyborg") and Manuel Augusto Di Singh Mora as the protagonist. Australian actress Celia Maxingham (Legend of tomorrow) dubbed the protagonist and went on the hunt.

The story centers on Ilya Solari, and the mecha includes the Gion mobile warrior Zagu II (ZAKU II) and the Federal Mobile Warrior (GUNDAM), which takes place on the European front during the one-year war in the classic cosmic century timeline.

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