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QQ Music Green Diamond Deluxe Wechat automatic renewal price will be raised to 15 yuan / month from January 9 next year.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to the netizens' recommendation, Qiandai Jiamei and the clues of crucian carp Xuehu! news on December 4, according to netizens' contribution feedback, QQ Music recently sent Wechat users a "reminder to change the price of renewal service": starting from 0: 00 on January 9, 2024, the automatic renewal fee for Green Diamond Deluxe Wechat will be changed from 11.4 yuan / month to 15 yuan / month.

QQ Music member team also attached a price change details: QQ Music's stock automatic renewal member (already a deluxe green diamond automatic renewal member before 0: 00 on May 1, 2022). And users who have been in the state of automatic renewal) will be adjusted according to the current price (the price of the newly opened deluxe green diamond automatic renewal member).

After the discount adjustment, the automatic renewal member price of QQ Music luxury green diamond stock is: the stock continuous monthly member is 15 yuan per month (student members are not affected).

At present, on Weibo, there has also been a discussion about QQ Music's "member price increase", and the fever continues to rise.

According to previous reports from, QQ Music adjusted the regular fee plan for luxury green diamonds in June this year: the stock is 15 yuan for monthly members, 45 yuan for quarterly members for 3 months, 158 yuan for 12 months, and 19 yuan for one month for joint members with deluxe green diamonds and listening books.

Before the adjustment in June, the monthly price of QQ Music luxury green diamonds was 13 yuan, 35 yuan in a row, and 138 yuan in a row (88 yuan in the first year).

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"QQ Music's deluxe green diamond renewal fee has been raised: 15 yuan per month, 45 yuan for the quarter, and 158 yuan for the year."

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