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Microsoft Win11 Canary 26002 Preview has upgraded ReFS to version 3.12

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen EdgeOS for the clue delivery! December 4 news, Microsoft last week pushed Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26002 version update to Canary channel, which also means that the Win11 version number officially broke through 26000.

Existing users have found that ReFS has been upgraded from the previous version 3.10 to version 3.12 in the Build 26002 version.

According to feedback from some users, the 26002 upgrade of the ReFS system caused a series of problems, such as the computer that installed the system on the ReFS disk could not boot (error winload.efi 0xc00000bb), but it could run in version 25997. found that Microsoft released the new file system, called resilient File system (ReFS), as early as 2011-2012, when Microsoft launched Windows 8.

Compared to NTFS (New Technology File System, the new technology file system, debuted with the NT system in 1993), ReFS claims to bring more resilience, higher performance, and higher data size support on virtual machines (35PB NTFS is 256TB), among other advantages.

But in fact, Microsoft didn't begin to provide ReFS support to client systems (previously supported only for Windows Server) until the beginning of this year (Win11 Dev 25281), including the file system that serves as the boot partition for installing the system.

In addition, Microsoft also introduced a new ReFS-based feature called "Dev Drive" in the Win11 Build 25309 preview, which was made available to all Windows developers using the latest Windows 11 in September this year.

According to reports, Dev Drive's new storage volume is tailored for developers and is based on elastic file system (ReFS). With targeted file system optimization technology, it can better control storage volume settings and security, including trust designation, antivirus configuration, and management and control of additional filters, which can be used to improve the performance and security of key developer workloads.

In addition to ReFS, Dev Drive combines Microsoft Defender for Antivirus's new performance model to reduce file I / O build time by 30 percent. To take full advantage of Dev Drive, Microsoft also recommends that developers move package caches and repositories to Dev Drive.

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