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Pinsheng and OPPO launch SUPERVOOC 33W shared charging station: support related mobile phone flash charging, which can be rented for 30 minutes for 1 yuan.

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Shulou( Report--, December 4, according to the official Weibo of Pinsheng Electronics, Pinsheng and OPPO have jointly developed a SUPERVOOC 33W shared charging station, which is known as "providing a full range of solutions from software and hardware to the Internet of things". OPPO and one plus mobile phones equipped with related technologies can realize flash charging.

After inquiry, learned that the common shared charging power of portable battery on the street is usually around 10W-12W, such as 12W for Meituan, 10W for Street Power, 10.71W for Monster charging, and 12W for small Power, so the mobile power provided by this SUPERVOOC 33W shared charging station allows OPPO and Yiga mobile phones to charge more power with less time charge.

In addition, Weibo disclosed pictures showing that the mobile power provided by the charging station has a capacity of 8000 milliampere hours. It is said that the mobile power supply provided by this charging station can be rented for 30 minutes for 1 yuan, and OPPO / 1 plus members can enjoy up to 300 minutes of free charging per month. However, Pinsheng did not provide the specific launch time and deployment location of the relevant charging station.

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