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The package of one plus 12 mobile phones is printed with hardcore "come on" ID, and thanks to all fans.

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Shulou( Report-- December 4 news, the one plus 10 anniversary chat has now begun, one plus founder and one plus product manager "Boss Zhang" Liu Zuohu announced on the stage one plus 12 small eggs-the box is engraved with hard-core "come on" ID, along with a thank-you speech.

Over the past 10 years, there has always been a force pushing Yijia forward.

This strength comes from their support, praise and encouragement, as well as their valuable advice, supervision and encouragement.

They have a common name called "come on".

In this special way, we remember and thank them and work with us to create better products.

Thank you, too, for choosing to join us.

Never Settle. notes that when talking about "why can one plus impress so many foreign users and be sought after by many Silicon Valley geeks?" On this question, Liu Zuohu said: "really good products are universal and have no national boundaries."

He mentioned that one plus can be regarded as one of the few brands in the industry that really have fans, and "refueling" is the most valuable asset of one plus. Li Jie, president of one plus China, said that one plus users are very frank, they are very willing to listen to the real voice of users, and are very happy to participate in the process of making one plus grow up into a big and beautiful brand.

When it comes to internationalization, Liu Zuohu believes that internationalization is a false proposition and that really good products are "universal". In addition, he also shared stories about Pop-up activities at home and abroad, one plus community mutual help and other stories, demonstrating one plus's unique community culture.

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