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November domestic online game version issued: 87 games have been approved, "from Stardust", "Zhu Xian 2" and Switch version "Sunset Hill" have been approved.

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Shulou( Report-- December 4 news, the State Press and publication Administration today released November domestic online game approval information, a total of 87 games were approved. noted that the Nintendo Switch game Sunset Hills has been approved.

Among them, the more concerned games or manufacturers include NetEase Thunderfire outside the World, Perfect World Zhu Xian 2, Eagle Horn from Stardust, Ubisoft IP mobile game "blockade: dawn", Lilith "Sword and Expedition: departure", traveler "Young Journey to the West 2", Thunder "Button Brothers" and so on.

In addition, there are some well-known IP adapted games in the game, such as "fighting the Sky: about three years", "Soul Street-Guardian", "empty track: chapter of Shadow".

Among them, this trial of the NS game is only "Sunset Hill", the PC PC game includes "Zhu Xian 2", "Sunset Hill", "Wilderness country", "before Destiny", "Sword and Expedition: departure", "fighting World" and "Divine Journey".

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