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Liu Zuohu: only with healthy competition can there be innovation in the industry, better user experience and better Chinese mobile phones.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 4, the night chat around the furnace for the 10th anniversary of one plus has now begun. Liu Zuohu, the founder of one plus and the product manager of one plus, came to the stage to share some of his understanding and views on the industry.

During the event, Liu Zuohu responded to "one plus the recent press conference of others", saying: "the market is so big that if you touch other people's cake, you should always allow them to complain."

He said: "there are so many people watching you all the time, even for you, to some extent, it means that you have done a good job this year and have been recognized by the industry."

He said that one plus is still very small, we do not need to be so nervous, but one plus is very ambitious and has the strength to attack the king.

In addition, from the perspective of industry development, Liu Zuohu expressed the attitude that Yiga always welcomes competition with "product power". He believes that only with healthy competition can the industry innovate, the user experience will be better, and Chinese mobile phones will be better. noticed that Liu Zuohu had just pulled the one plus 12 real machine out of his pocket. The one he has in his hand belongs to the "greenish green" color, which is his favorite color, but "it seems that many people like white."

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