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When the winner of Apple's "Visual Image" will launch in February next year, the Halide team will launch the professional video application Kino again.

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Shulou( Report--, December 5 (Xinhua)-- Halide App won the winner of Apple's Visual Image Award in 2022, and Lux, the developer of the app, recently announced that it will launch the video app Kino in February next year.

The Lux team released a preview video today, saying that it plans to launch a Kino app in February next year, so that iPhone users can handle videos in a more professional way. The following warm-up video is attached to

Ben Sandofsky, co-founder of Lux, said that Apple added support for Log video to iPhone this year, which is what RAW is to photographers, which inspired the team to build new video applications.

Apple's official comments on the Halide app are as follows:

The outstanding quality photography App "Halide Mark II" focuses on the nature of photography. This elegant tool integrates a large number of features into the easy-to-navigate refreshing UI to simulate the experience of a film camera.

Each gesture will not only make veterans feel friendly, but also make it easy for newcomers who are new to focus and exposure settings.

This exquisite iPhone camera now has a version specially designed for iPad to further help you create amazing photography.

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