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TECNO & quot;Don't Stop Rising" brand campaign endorses Filipino youth: always be ready to scale new heights

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Recently, Chuan Yin's flagship innovative technology brand TECNO launched its "Don't Stop Rising" brand campaign in the Philippines and unveiled its new brand creative short film "Never Not Ready" (always ready). As a dynamic call to action, the TECNO "Don't Stop Rising" brand campaign has a deep insight into the spiritual world of contemporary Filipino youth, encouraging them to seize every moment of their lives, open their own way, and bravely become better themselves.

Different from the traditional brand manifesto video, the "Never Not Ready" creative short film of this brand event perfectly captures the core spirit of contemporary Filipino young people not wasting their youth waiting for the "perfect" opportunity, but taking the initiative to seize every tiny opportunity to catch up. Every clip shown in the short film is a real portrayal of contemporary young people in the Philippines: fashionistas use the tools at their fingertips to create popular social media content with CD ideas that refract light, game lovers can seize the opportunity to become MVP even while waiting for coffee, passers-by catch the basketball rolling to their feet to score layups, and dancers dance to music anytime and anywhere to create interesting TikTok content.

Lucia Liu, chief brand officer of TECNO, said: "TECNO has been ploughing the Philippine market for several years and has a deep insight and unique insight into local consumers. This marketing campaign is a voice for the 'always prepared' attitude of Filipino young people, which fully reflects the emotional connection and spiritual resonance between TECNO and local consumers."

In fact, as an emerging country with rapid economic growth, the Philippines has become a pioneer of business and innovation in the Asia-Pacific region. Accordingly, local young people are seeking a higher level of education and life in order to adapt to the rapid development of the country. They have the courage to seize the opportunities of the times, create opportunities for development, and are always ready to meet challenges with unlimited potential and creativity. Take the story of Internet talent Kush Obsuan and CJ Villafuerte who perform brand short films as an example. Kush began to be active in fashion photography when she was in college, and when her peers were still taking classes on campus, she took steps to pursue her dream and become a fashion photographer. Today, she has become an influential fashionista in Generation Z of the Philippines on social media, while CJ has always had a passion and talent for games, seizing every small opportunity to practice and enter the game live broadcast industry. Today, he is not only a popular game anchor, but also invests in property rental, catering and food industries. In the words of CJ: "I see every challenge in my life as an opportunity for self-improvement, which is the same as e-sports. Whether it's life or games, I never fight unprepared and always be ready."

This brand event is also a prelude to the following TECNO Philippines double 12 and Christmas season promotions. TECNO will launch a fan story solicitation campaign on social media to encourage consumers to share their "Don't Stop Rising" stories to win TECNO super Christmas boxes. In addition, TECNO will hold an offline flash event at SM Mall of Asia from December 1 to December 21, where consumers will have the opportunity to win rich gifts by clocking in. With the advent of the holiday season, TECNO will also launch a series of marketing activities in the Philippines to provide consumers with more product discounts and free gifts.

"Don't Stop Rising" brand activity is another localization exploration of TECNO "Stop At Nothing" brand spirit. In the future, TECNO will continue to use technology to empower innovation and inspire young people around the world to give full play to their potential, remain passionate and never stop.

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