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Huawei debuts in OpenInfraDays China 2023 to share open source infrastructure practices and prospects

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On December 1, OpenInfra Days China 2023 was successfully held in Beijing. Technical experts and senior industry leaders from the global community, as well as active open source infrastructure technology companies in China, gathered together to share the prospects and exploration paths of global cutting-edge infrastructure technologies around the topics of cloud computing, CFN, DPU, virtualization, container security, edge computing and artificial intelligence. Huawei, as an important participant and major contributor to open source, was invited to attend the conference and brought seven wonderful topics, covering the latest technologies and practices in the fields of computing network, sustainable computing, artificial intelligence, intelligent operation and maintenance, and so on. Huawei shows the influence and strength of Huawei in open source.

Telecom Cloud Native from 1.0 to 3.0: Huawei leads the way of Telecom Cloud Transformation

The origin of telecom cloud is one of the core goals of the evolution of telecom industry to cloud in the future.

Gao Yu, director of Huawei Telecom Cloud products, delivered a keynote speech entitled "original practice and Future Evolution of Telecom Cloud". He said that open source should consider not only the advanced nature of technology, but also the adaptability of the industry. The original concept of telecom cloud originated from IT, but borrowlism can not be used directly because of the key differences in industry background, business nature and characteristics. In the field of telecommunications, we must take the original path of telecom cloud. We should adhere to three basic capabilities: telecom-level high reliability, dual-stack convergence, minimalist delivery, and three enhancements: network-level resilience, network-level business agility, and intention-driven intelligent operation and maintenance.

Gao Yu pointed out that cloud origin should not only be in line with the nature of the telecommunications industry, but also have innovative thinking. The three stages of telecom cloud native from 1.0 to 3.0 is a continuous innovative evolution process from availability to ease of use to smart use, that is, from telecom-level high reliability and high performance to rule-based end-to-end automation, and then to intention-driven and intelligent operation and maintenance. Huawei hopes to join hands with industrial partners to realize cloud value by introducing intention-driven and intelligent technologies, jointly drive the industry towards Telecom Cloud 3.0, and bring new commercial and social value to 5G 5.5G.

Huawei Telecom Cloud and Uni-Credit have Stack: cloud Origin and Open Source practice and Exploration of LOKI

Telecom cloud has become the core infrastructure of mobile communication network. Nowadays, with the integration of ICT technology and the maturity of container technology, telecom cloud will gradually evolve from virtual machine era to container era. On the LOKI (Linux OpenStack Kubernets Infrastructure) topic, Huawei Senior Systems engineer Chen Nanhe and Huawei OpenStack open source software expert Li Wenhai gave a joint speech on the theme of "Architectural thinking and practice of Telecom Cloud for containerization Evolution in the Cloud Native era". They introduced the thinking and practice of Huawei telecom cloud, combined with cloud native ecology and ETSI standards, based on unified infrastructure + carrier-level enhanced container platform, using deterministic dual-stack container architecture to deal with the evolving needs of uncertainty.

UniCredit Stack is a cloud infrastructure management platform developed by Uni-Credit Software based on OpenStack. Wang Xianyuan, a senior software engineer of Huawei, and Han Guangyu, a senior R & D engineer of Tongxin Software, jointly delivered a joint speech entitled "LOKI practice and thinking based on openEuler". They shared the experience and summary of Tongxin's open source contribution, as well as the challenges and solutions encountered in the OpenStack private cloud project. at the same time, they also looked forward to the future development trend and direction of LOKI, as well as the integration and innovation with the open source community such as openEuler.

General vDPA framework: to create a unified computing platform base

On the topic of Computing Force Network, Wang Jintao, project manager from Mobile Research Institute, and Jiang Dongxu, senior virtualization engineer of Huawei, shared the theme of "Building a general vDPA acceleration framework to help build a unified computing base". They introduced that virito is a mainstream I / O paravirtualization technology in the industry, which enables communication between Guest OS and Hypervisor virtualized devices. As the mainstream virito offload acceleration framework in DPU scenarios, vDPA has many implementation methods, such as user state and kernel state in different network and storage scenarios. The project proposes a general vDPA framework, unifies the framework model and interface, promotes DPU to implement multi-type vDPA acceleration technology faster, meets the needs of various scenarios such as network, block storage and file storage, and builds a unified computing platform base.

Green low carbon and Big Model era: open Source practice and Exploration of Telecom Cloud and LOKI for AI

Under the global dual-carbon background, the major IT operators at home and abroad gradually put forward the requirements of green energy saving based on their respective strategies. Chen Kang, a senior software engineer of Huawei Telecom, and Liang Shengzhan, an open source software expert of Huawei Telecom Cloud, delivered a joint speech. aiming at the demands of energy saving and emission reduction in the field of ICT telecom, starting from the formula of energy efficiency index, combined with the thinking on the direction and method of reducing energy consumption, this paper introduces the practice of Huawei Telecom Cloud Green low carbon overall scheme, self-developed intelligent frequency modulation algorithm, resource fragmentation and so on. It also looks forward to the exploration direction of green low-carbon technology in telecom cloud in the future.

As the most mature open source infrastructure solution, LOKI (Linux OpenStack Kubernets Infrastructure) is the best choice to realize the open source infrastructure solution in the era of large model. On the Cloud Infrastructure for AI Workloads topic, Zheng Zhenyu, Maintainer of openEuler community, gave a speech on the theme of "Infrastructure in the era of Big Model: LOKI for AI" and shared it from OS, cloud infrastructure, cloud native platform and other dimensions, combined with the current planning and practice of openEuler community in the field of OS for AI.

Intelligent Operation and maintenance: technical practice and Exploration of self-Intelligent Core Network

In recent years, the concept of autopilot network has been the twin technology of more and more customers at home and abroad, and some practices and plans to build a simple and stable self-intelligence core network. He said Huawei hopes to build an automated, intelligent and reliable self-intelligent core network to provide better network services and value for operators.

As an important conference focusing on open source infrastructure technologies, concepts and best practices, OpenInfra Days China2023 not only demonstrated the latest open source infrastructure technologies around the world, but also built a platform for communication and cooperation, promoting the development and innovation of the open source community. Huawei has responded positively to the concept and spirit of open source and has worked with the community to promote technological progress and value realization in areas such as telecom cloud, computing network, artificial intelligence and so on. Huawei will continue to work closely with community and industrial partners to explore and respond to future technological challenges and opportunities, and make greater contributions to building a more open, intelligent and green infrastructure.

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