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Qianfeng officially established Hongmeng Ecological Teaching and Research Institute to strongly promote the employment of students!

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HarmonyOS is an intelligent terminal operating system independently developed by Huawei and a panoramic distributed operating system for the Internet of everything. it has the characteristics of lightweight, low power consumption and cross-platform. it can be applied to a variety of smart devices, including smart home, smart wearable, car systems, etc., and supports a variety of terminal devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smart screens and so on. A platform that provides one-stop service for application development and equipment development At the same time, it also has a high degree of customization and flexibility, and can be optimized and customized according to different devices and application scenarios.

A few days ago, it was reported that the HarmonyOS NEXT developer preview version is no longer compatible with Android, and Huawei may launch a Hongmeng version that is not compatible with Android next year. Data show that the number of newly released HarmonyOS 4 upgraded devices has exceeded 100 million within three months. This rapid growth momentum and a large user base and development groups make Hongmeng have a good prospect in the market.

With the development of Hongmeng ecology, according to relevant statistics, it is expected that the demand for related jobs in Hongmeng will reach 1 million next year, and the demand for development talents will also reach 10 million in the next few years; there are a large number of active App applications in the market, and Hongmeng ecological migration will certainly bring huge incremental market space; many well-known Internet companies have signed contracts with Hongmeng Ecology to explore innovative scenarios. The HarmonyOS NEXT developer preview will be available to developers in the first quarter of 2024. All the information predicts that Hongmeng development will be the next tuyere!

Qianfeng officially established Hongmeng Ecological Teaching and Research Institute

With the launch and popularization of HarmonyOS operating system, the demand for Hongmeng development talents in the market is also increasing. In order to meet this demand, Qianfeng Education kept pace with the times and officially established Hongmeng Ecological Teaching and Research Institute on November 22, 2023. The first purpose of the Institute is to train talents with Hongmeng development skills and experience, to help students enter the field of Hongmeng development smoothly, to strongly promote students' employment, and to improve their salary and career development prospects; second, it is hoped that through the training of more Hongmeng ecosystem talents, through the transportation of talents and more Internet enterprises to benefit hundreds of millions of consumers!

It is understood that the teaching staff of the Institute is strong, including Wu Xunxun, Lei Decheng, Wang Kai, and Liu Yue, 51 celebrities and scholars from various fields, who have a profound research background and rich teaching experience in their respective fields. it will provide strong support for the teaching and research work of the Institute.

Join hands to cultivate talents and build a prosperous world

In the current technology industry, the development momentum of Hongmeng ecological field is strong, and the demand for talents is also increasingly exuberant. In order to help more students find ideal jobs, the Institute of Education and Research provides students with all-round employment support with its strong teaching strength and industry resources.

In the future, the Institute will continue to carry out a series of Hongmeng curriculum research and teaching activities, including but not limited to:

1. Sharing the principle and development technology of HarmonyOS operating system

Up to now, the Institute of Education and Research has invited Mr. Lu Rongtao, the teaching and research director of Qianfeng Digital Wisdom Front-end, to share the principle, architecture, development technology and practical cases of the HarmonyOS operating system. Through face-to-face communication and sharing, students can fully understand the overall architecture, kernel principles, development tools, API usage, distributed technology and application development practices of HarmonyOS operating system, and help students master the core skills of Hongmeng operating system development.

two。 Hongmeng native application development practical course

This course takes actual combat as the main line, and enables students to master the whole process of Hongmeng native application development through a number of cases and projects. Courses include: Codelabs Project-Xicun Town, Codelabs Project-healthy living, Codelabs Project-XX Mall, Codelabs Project-XX Music album, etc. Through cases and project practice, students can deeply understand the details and skills of Hongmeng native application development, and improve the efficiency and quality of development.

Among them, it is worth mentioning that Qianfeng Education "Hongmeng Ecological Development Employment Class" has been fully integrated into Hongmeng Development practice, whether it is zero foundation or social personnel who intend to change careers, by studying Qianfeng Education Hongmeng Development Employment Class course, will have the opportunity to obtain the official professional certification certificate of Huawei developer School.

In the process of employment, this certificate can fully prove the professional ability developed by Hongmeng, enhance the core competitiveness, make full preparations for employment, and finally help the career progress!

In addition, Qianfeng also provides a wealth of practical opportunities for students. Qianfeng has cooperated with a number of enterprises to create a number of practical projects to enable students to exercise their skills and abilities in practice. At the same time, Qianfeng also regularly holds various technical salons and industry exchange activities to provide students with a broader communication and learning platform.

In terms of employment, the Institute of Education and Research has established strategic cooperative relations with many enterprises, providing students with rich employment resources. For example, regularly hold job fairs, double election meetings and other activities, so that enterprises and students face-to-face exchanges, to provide students with more employment opportunities. At the same time, it also provides students with resume guidance, interview skills and other aspects of employment guidance services to help students successfully enter the workplace.

Join hands to prosper Hongmeng Ecology and promote the Development of Digital economy

With the continuous upgrading and improvement of the HarmonyOS operating system and the continuous growth of market demand for Hongmeng development talents, the Institute of Education and Research will continue to improve the teaching quality, optimize the teaching system and strengthen the cooperation between schools and enterprises. At the same time, the Institute of Teaching and Research will actively explore new teaching models to provide students with more comprehensive, professional and practical teaching services and support.

In short, the establishment of the Institute of Education and Research marks the further expansion and deepening of Qianfeng in the field of ecological education in Hongmeng. As a vocational education and training enterprise with core teaching and research capabilities and school-enterprise cooperation ability, Qianfeng Education has been widely known and influential in the education industry. Qianfeng Education will provide more comprehensive and systematic Hongmeng ecological courses for students to help them better understand and apply the HarmonyOS operating system and promote scientific and technological innovation and the development of digital economy.

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