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Orange pie and Huawei released a new Orange Pi AIpro development board, starting at 799 yuan.

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On December 3, the Fifth China computer Education Conference was held in Xiamen International Conference Center from December 2 to 3, 2023. During this period, Orange Group and Huawei released the Orange Pi AIpro development board based on Teng Teng, whose 8/20TOPS surging computing power is currently the largest computing power in the development board market, which can cover the mainstream application scenarios of ecological development boards, allow users to practice a variety of innovative scenarios, and provide supporting software and hardware. And the price is very close to the people, 8TOPS, 8GB memory price / pre-price is only 799 yuan, 8TOPS, 16GB memory price / pre-price is only 999 yuan.

At the scene of the summit, Zhao Yifan, general manager of Orange Group, and Cheng Longfei, vice president of Huawei Penton Computing Business, launched the launch ceremony to announce the official release of Orange Pi AIpro.

As the industry's first AI development board based on Teng depth, Orange Pi AIpro is excellent in appearance, performance and technical service support. The use of Teng AI technology route, integrated GPU, with 8GB / 16GB LPDDR4X, can be external 32GB / 64GB / 128GB / 256GB eMMC module, support double 4K HD output, 8ram 20 TOPS AI computing power.

Its rich interface endows Orange Pi AIpro with strong extensibility. Including two HDMI outputs, GPIO interface, Type-C power interface, M.2 slot supporting SATA / NVMe SSD 2280, TF slot, gigabit network port, two USB3.0, one USB Type-C 3.0, one Micro USB, two MIPI cameras, one MIPI screen, etc., reserved battery interface. In terms of operating system, Orange Pi AIpro can run Ubuntu and openEuler operating systems to meet the needs of most AI algorithm prototype verification and reasoning application development.

The bigger bright spot is that its development is ecologically mature, rich in examples, and easy to learn and use. The official Orange Pi forum ( and provides developers with free end-to-end reference designs for smart cars, robotic arms, voice interactions and other applications, provides hundreds of code reference samples such as visual analysis and voice analysis, and provides rich open source pre-training models to help developers lower the learning threshold and shorten the development cycle. This is perhaps the biggest difference and advantage between Orange Pi AIpro and other competing products.

AI technology empowers to create a new ecology of artificial intelligence

Orange Pi AIpro is an important step for Orange to explore the ecology of artificial intelligence. According to reports, Orange Pi AIpro can be used for picture recognition, voice recognition, microbial recognition, etc., thus widely used in AI edge computing, deep visual learning and video stream AI analysis, video image analysis, natural language processing, intelligent car, robotic arm, artificial intelligence, UAV, cloud computing, AR / VR, intelligent security, smart home and other fields, covering AIoT various industries.

At the press conference, the orange school said that all kinds of artificial intelligence scenes in the AI era have been falling to the ground, which has brought subversive improvements to all aspects of people's lives. The orange school's joint launch of Orange Pi AIpro by Huawei is an important attempt to promote artificial intelligence. In the future, the orange school will continue the spirit of daring to break the convention, launch a sustainable exploration of artificial intelligence ecology, and jointly promote the industrialization of artificial intelligence technology. Jointly build the artificial intelligence ecology of Pengteng AI.

Rich interfaces, ecologically mature, easy to learn and use

Orange Pi AIpro is the pinnacle of Orange School in the field of AI development board, and it is a major innovation for all users. Its powerful power and versatility give all kinds of users a helping hand. For example, senior developers and industry engineers can be used to do algorithm verification, new project research, creative application development; college teachers and students can be used to set up Al application experiment courses, which can be used as experimental equipment, teaching aids or competition tools; AI beginners can be used to learn basic Al principles and programming skills, customize simple Al application functions, and so on.

Orange Pi AIpro is rich in interfaces, ecologically mature and easy to learn and use. Orange Pi Forum and Teng Community provide developers with hundreds of code reference samples free of charge, so that many practical functions can be implemented efficiently. In order to promote more developers to join the field of artificial intelligence and jointly promote technological progress and innovation, the community has also provided mysterious gift packages for the first batch of buyers at the launch of Orange Pi AIpro, placing orders and signing up for Teng activities, that is, a customized developer gift box of 1000 copies on a first-come-first-served basis.

Orange pie is a brand service provider specializing in open source hardware and open source software. its main products Orange Pi series are sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. They are welcomed by global users because of their high performance-to-price ratio and excellent user experience. At present, the sales volume of orange pie products is in the forefront of the world.

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