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Xiaopeng X9 unmanned valet parking video exposure, can achieve multi-floor parking and remote summoning

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens grass Luo Yuzi, Leibi and Xichuan for the clues of the past!, December 5 (Xinhua) recently, smart car manufacturers are showing off their self-driving muscles, and Xiaopeng has also released a self-driving demonstration video after Huawei, ideal and Fulai.

Liu Yilin, senior director of self-driving products for Xiaopeng, posted on Weibo, demonstrating the multi-floor unmanned parking + remote summoning pickup of Xiaopeng X9, which can park or drive up by itself.

Liu Yilin said: "Xiaopeng X9 standard rear wheel steering, in the parking lot to easily cope with a variety of narrow roads, right-angle bends, not only easy for people to drive, the AI is also more flexible."

Liu Yilin also responded to the technical demonstration videos of several previous manufacturers: "We have reflected that although the restricted regulations cannot let everyone off, it should not be difficult for us to make a video that can get off the bus." in the past, we are not very good at spreading, and many good things have not been known by people. Thanks to powerful manufacturers to come in to popularize and promote intelligent driving. "

According to 's previous report, the Xiaopeng X9 model has been announced at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, with a pre-sale price of 388000 yuan, a lifetime warranty from non-operating car owners, a terminal experience car arriving at the store in December, and delivery in January next year.

Xiaopeng said that X9 is the only standard rear wheel steering MPV in the world, with a minimum turning diameter of 10.8m, a length, width and height of 5293 mm, and a wheelbase of 3160mm. It is the only standard intelligent dual-cavity air suspension in China with maximum adjustable stroke 90mm.

In terms of power, the maximum power of the Xiaopeng X9 is the front 235kW and rear 135kW respectively, equipped with 84.5kWh and 101.5kWh battery packs, and the CLTC pure electric mileage is 610km, 640km and 702km respectively.

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