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The most anticipated phone watch of the year? Little genius Z9 Frozen fate model will be on the market on December 8th!

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In the heart of every little girl, there lives a princess, that is "Aisha". Aisha is the ice princess that the children yearn for, the embodiment of elegance and bravery, and the heroine in the Disney animated film Frozen.

It is worth mentioning that this year is a very memorable year for Frozen. On October 16, Disney ushered in its 100th anniversary; on November 17, Disney's centenary animated feature film "Star wish" had its premiere in China, and Disney Animation's centenary short film was also shown simultaneously; on November 20, the world's first "Frozen" theme park, which took Hong Kong Disney seven years to build, officially opened to the public.

Against this background, Little Genius recently posted a warm-up image on its official account. Judging from the Disney logo in the lower right corner and the eye-catching ice and snow design elements, Little Genius may once again join hands with Disney Frozen IP in its flagship phone watch Z9, and is expected to create a customized phone watch that better meets the expectations of children. Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of Ice and Snow, what kind of spark will Little Genius collide with Ice and Snow in this new product packaging design, product appearance color matching, UI design and so on? How will it help the child to become an ice princess and experience the charm of ice magic in the magic world? This year's blockbuster new product must be worth looking forward to!

Break the dimension, dream cooperation to let ice and snow fairy tales shine into the children's world

In November 2019, the little genius launched the Z6 Ice and Snow margin limited collection edition, with ice blue color matching, which highly restores the theme color of the movie. In August 2021, the little genius phone watch Z7 once again joined hands with Ice and Snow to bring the Z7 Frozen Dream Collection. As an example of successful cooperation in the field of children's watches, the joint name of Little Genius and Frozen IP is deeply loved by the market, and the deeply customized products break the dimension and bring fairy tales into reality.

On the one hand, little genius focuses on the Chinese children's market and is committed to providing smart products that lead the trend of children's fashion, and the vision is to become a brand desired by Chinese children; on the other hand, Frozen is a Disney cartoon that accompanies children's happy growth. Princess Aisha in the film, noble and elegant, brave and pure, is not only an adventurous princess, but also an ice princess that children yearn for.

The two cross-border cooperation between the little genius and the national IP is a high degree of agreement between the two ideas, which makes the high quality and good design of the little genius telephone watch frequently break the circle, and also make the little genius become the brand that children yearn for in their hearts.

The little genius flagship Z9 renewed its previous "fate", the most anticipated telephone watch of the year.

This year coincides with the 100th anniversary of the founding of Disney. in order to celebrate the centenary with all Disney enthusiasts, the little genius joined hands with Disney this time to create a unique joint product inspired by the characters of Disney princesses in the Frozen movies series, which is helpful to show the encouragement and support of both brands for creative self-expression.

Judging from the Z6 Ice and Snow Qiyuan Limited Edition and Z7 Ice and Snow Qiyuan Dream Collection launched in cooperation with Ice and Snow Qiyuan, it is expected that the Z9 Ice and Snow Qiyuan Limited Edition phone watch will adopt well-designed packaging. the moment you open the package, you can create a full atmosphere of ice and snow for children.

At the same time, according to the preheat map, the Z9 ice and snow custom phone watch may use ice blue as the main color, and relevant ice and snow elements will be added to the phone watch dial and system UI to encourage children to dare to find the most true courage in their hearts and release the unknown ice magic. Considering the unique split design of Little Genius flagship Z9, it can bring a more convenient experience for children, with its accurate floor positioning 2.0 system, water area reminder, all-day security guard and all-day health monitoring functions. can always help parents protect the growth of their children! As a result, Little Talent's flagship Z9 Frozen may become the most popular phone watch for parents and children in history.

This time, taking the opportunity of the 100th anniversary of Disney's founding, the young genius renewed his "fate" with Frozen IP. It is believed that he will use more joint designs to lead children back to the world of ice and snow fairy tales, give them more courage and strength, and leave more good memories for their childhood.

On December 8, the little genius Z9 Frozen fate IP hit in a grand manner.

The limited edition of Little Genius Z9 will be officially released on December 8th. Are parents who are worried about their children's Christmas gifts, New Year's Day gifts and New year's gifts already moved? In this winter, it will bring more warmth and strength to the children with the limited edition of Z9 Ice and Snow.

At that time, whether it is leading the children into the cinema to enjoy Disney's century-old animated film "Star wish", or into the world's first "Frozen" theme park in Hong Kong Disneyland, the little girls who wear the limited edition of the little genius Z9 will have more fun and have a happier childhood.

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