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[evaluation room] Savior R7000 compares Seven Rainbow Hidden Star P16: cost-effective dessert game, who is better?

2024-06-18 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

It is almost 2024, but in the current notebook market, the lightweight and game books with 12-generation Core i7-12650H and Ruilong 7 7735H are still the objects that consumers are keen to choose. Today, through the two main cost-effective, also equipped with RTX4060 graphics card, but the processor is i7-12650H Seven Rainbow Hidden Star P16 and R7 7735H savior R7000 game book, to compete for who performs better.

Design from the first look and feel, although the two notebooks are game-based positioning, but the appearance style can be said to be completely different.

Hidden Star P16 is a standard muscle style with sharp lines and a flamboyant shape. A face as colorful as sugar wrappers "RGB lamp" decoration is very conspicuous, below, such as the stripes at the top of the building is also very powerful. And its Xinghe blue painting, which can be identified at a glance in a pile of game books.

In contrast, the Savior R7000, which basically inherited the consistent steady business style of Lenovo, the notebook shape is square, the A side only has a simple black LEGION Logo, without any extra decoration and elements, and the color matching of the fuselage also chooses a very advanced gun gray, quite a feeling of wanting to be a "suit thug". Just looking at the appearance, you won't even think it's a game book.

In terms of screen, CryptoStar P16 uses a 16-inch 16:10 IPS fog screen, 2.5K resolution, 165Hz refresh rate, 500nit brightness, 100% sRGB color gamut, panel from BOE. has been measured by a professional color meter, and its sRGB gamut coverage is 98.4%. The gamut coverage of Adobe RGB and DCI P3 is 71.5% and 73.4%, respectively.

The Savior R7000 uses a 15.6inch standard 16:9 IPS screen with 2.5K resolution, 165Hz refresh rate, 350nit brightness and DC dimming, but without factory colors.

It is worth mentioning that the screen of the Savior R7000 also supports 180-degree opening and closing, which makes the daily use of a richer scene.

After measurement, the sRGB gamut coverage of this screen is 97%. The color gamut coverage of Adobe RGB and DCI P3 is 69.9% and 72.6%, respectively.

If you look at the C side, the hidden star P16 has a black treatment on the keyboard area, with its own numeric keypad area, the power key is placed in the middle position at the top of the keyboard, and the translucent white style is made around the key cap, which can further improve the effect of turning on the keyboard backlight.

Unlike the hidden star P16, the overall keyboard layout of the savior R7000 is similar, but the details are more associative and considerate, such as the independent sinking design of the arrow keys, which makes blind operation easier to find. The "0" of the digital keypad retains the traditional keyboard extension design, although it is not the standard 2U, it is still more convenient to enter in some scenarios. There is Lenovo's ancestral ergonomic keyboard, the keycap is slightly concave, and the bottom is arc-shaped design, more close to the fingers, tapping is really more comfortable.

As for the trackpad, the area of the two is similar, the surface is treated with frosted material, and the workmanship and touch feedback are also done well.

Finally, let's compare the interfaces. The hidden star P16 has three USB-A ports, one USB-C port, one miniDP port, one HDMI port, one RJ45 network port, as well as power interface and 3.5mm audio port.

The savior R7000 side of the interface is mostly concentrated in the back, the configuration of the 3A2C port is more balanced, and the HDMI interface is 2.1specification, how to choose depends on your own needs.

In terms of fuselage thickness and weight, the thickest part of Cryptostar P16 is 28mm (back), the average thickness is 26mm, and the weight is 2.47kg; the thickest part of Savior R7000 is 23.8mm, with an average thickness of 20mm, and its weight is 2.27kg, which is lighter and more portable than Cryptostar P16 as a whole.

However, in terms of adapters, the two are diametrically opposed. Although the styles are very traditional, it can be seen that the power adapter of the hidden star P16 is smaller than the savior R7000 by more than one lap, with an output power of 180W. The 230W power interface of the Savior R7000P is customized, and taken together, the travel weight of the two is about the same.

In terms of theoretical performance, let's take a look at the CPU specifications of both. Hidden Star P16 is equipped with 12-generation Core i7-12650H. Compared with the upgraded model of 17-12700H, 12650H has 4 fewer cores, 16 threads with 10 cores, CPU main frequency 3.5GHz, acceleration frequency 4.7GHz, and three-tier cache 24MB. These are not castrated, so the overall performance is not different from i7-12700H.

The savior R7000 carries Ruilong 77735H, which is actually a 6800H vest. It uses 8 cores with 16 threads, CPU main frequency 3.2GHz, acceleration frequency 4.75GHz, and three buffers 16MB. The 12-generation Kerui with mixed heterogeneous architecture should have more advantages in multithreading performance.

Of course, the most important thing for performance release is the performance of power consumption, and no matter how good the power consumption is, no matter how good the parameters are, they can't give full play to their real strength. We directly test the single-baked FPU of the two machines with AIDA64. After 10 minutes of the roaster, although the instantaneous power consumption of the hidden star P16 can be up to 100W, the final CPU power consumption can only be maintained at 62W, and the corresponding CPU temperature is only 65 degrees. At this time, the CPU main frequency is 3.3GHz, which is very conservative.

On the side of Savior R7000, the instantaneous power consumption can also reach 100W, while the long-term power consumption of the 10-minute roaster can be maintained at 80W CPU temperature around 88 degrees. At this time, the CPU main frequency is in 4.2GHz, which is obviously a more reasonable power consumption setting.

In the double baking, the hidden star P16 side of the CPU power consumption is only about 35W, GPU power consumption is 95W, the total performance of the whole machine releases 130W, which is a bit low for a game. Although the temperature is not high, one is 65 degrees and the other is 70 degrees, which is completely suppressed.

In contrast, the double baking performance of the Savior R7000 is more stable, the CPU power consumption can be maintained at 45W CPU temperature 83.6C, and the CPU frequency is at 3.5GHz. At the same time, the power consumption of GPU is also 100W, that is, the performance release of the whole machine can reach 145W, which is in line with the performance expectations of mainstream game books.

Then there is the theoretical test. First of all, in the test of CineBench R23, the single-core score of Cryptostar P16 is 1719 and the multi-core score is 14301; the savior R7000 has a single-core score of 1550 and a multi-core score of 14526, and the single-core performance is slightly weaker than that of i7-12650H, but the multi-core performance is a little stronger.

In another 3D Mark CPU Profile CPU performance test, Hidden Star P16 scored 956 for single thread and 7231 for maximum thread, while Savior R7000 scored 933 for single thread and 7351 for maximum thread, which seemed to be contrary to CineBench's results, but overall there was no significant gap between the two machines.

In terms of graphics cards, both machines are RTX4060, and Cryptostar P16 and Savior R7000 are neck-and-neck in both CPU and graphics card scores in the 3D Mark Time Spy test.

Similarly, in the Fire Strike Extreme test of 3D Mark, the CPU performance of the two is basically the same, and the physical score of the savior R7000 is more than 700 points higher, which is not surprising considering the difference in power consumption.

What about the performance on memory and hard disk? Hidden Star P16 is equipped with 16GB DDR5 4800MHz memory, but the actual performance is very mediocre. The reading, writing and copying speed is only 33,000-35,000, and the delay also reaches 93.4ns.

Savior R7000 also has 16GB DDR5 4800MHz memory, but the read and write speed has reached more than 50,000. Although the latency is also relatively high, there is 91.4ns, but the latency of L1-L3 cache is lower than that of Hidden Star P16.

In terms of SSD performance, the R7000 is still the savior, mainly in sequential read speed and 4K Q1T1 queue read and write. Although memory and solid state are peripheral configurations, for users who value performance-to-price ratio, the most important thing is to get what they get. The memory and hard disk of Cryptostar P16 are still somewhat insincere.

Although the game performance in the CPU power scheduling, hidden star P16 and savior R7000 adopted different strategies, but for the actual use of the impact, the most direct natural is to test the game performance, after all, they are also equipped with RTX 4060 graphics card, double baking GPU power consumption is also given to about 100W. Both machines support direct connection, so the following game tests are carried out with the direct connection function turned on, and the highest performance mode of non-manual gear is selected in the control center software.

The first is the competitive game "CS2". After the upgrade of the large version, the performance requirements of this game are almost doubled, and the recommended configuration of the two machines after entering the game is high, so we will not change the setting and test it directly. At 1080p resolution, the average frame number of CryptoStar P16 is 229 frames, and that of Savior R7000 is 268 frames in the same scene.

At 2K resolution, the average frame number of CryptoStar P16 is 173 frames, and that of Savior R7000 is 172 frames. The gap can be ignored.

Then there are two traditional raster games. In Tomb Raider: shadow, the highest resolution picture quality of 1080p is selected to run the game's own performance benchmark test. The average frame number of CryptoStar P16 is 136and 1% Low frame is 109. the average frame number of Savior R7000 is 136frame and 1% Low frame is 110frame. Savior R7000 won by a narrow margin of 6 frames in this project.

At 2K resolution, the average frame number of CryptoStar P16 is 84, 1% Low frame is 69; the average frame number of Savior R7000 is 92, 1% Low frame is 76. The savior performs better at both resolutions, but the difference in the number of frames is not high and remains in single digits.

In the classic western masterpiece "the Wild Dart: redemption 2", we directly run its own benchmark test with the highest picture quality of 2K. The average frame number of CryptoStar P16 is 66 frames, 1% Low frame is 49 frames; the average frame number of Savior R7000 is 62 frames, 1% Low frame is 51 frames, the performance is equal. 、

Let's test another pure light pursuit game "Metro: leave", which requires very high performance of the graphics card, coupled with support for light pursuit and DLSS, can help us further extract the performance of the two machines. At 1080p resolution, select Ultra image quality, select High level, and turn on DLSS to run its own benchmark test. The average frame number of CryptoStar P16 is 70 frames, 1% Low frame is 35 frames, and the average frame number of Savior R7000 is 74 frames, 1% Low frames is 37 frames. It seems that the two machines can easily cope with 1080p picture quality.

After switching to 2K resolution, the average frame number of CryptoStar P16 is 52 frames, 1% Low frames is 30 frames, and the average frame number of Savior R7000 is 55 frames, 1% Low frames is 31 frames. Sure enough, the 2K resolution put a lot of pressure on the two machines, and they all failed to run to 60 frames smoothly, so the difference in the number of frames can be said to be within the error range.

Overall, the two machines in the game did not open a significant gap, in terms of game performance, hidden star P16 conservative CPU power control, did not bring significant performance degradation, because in the graphics card power consumption and only show direct connection and other aspects, the conditions of the two machines are actually the same starting line. However, with a more reasonable power allocation strategy and performance optimization, the savior R7000 with R7 7735H is slightly better than Cryptostar P16 as a whole.

Finally, let's take a look at the endurance performance of the two machines. We use PC Mark 10 for modern office battery testing, the test environment is 50% screen brightness, Bluetooth is turned off, and the battery mode is set to the best energy efficiency. The final score of the hidden star P16 is 6 hours and 04 minutes, and the final score of the savior R7000 is 7 hours and 16 minutes, the advantage remains the same. Although the game does not usually have battery life anxiety, but once you go out and encounter a low-power scene, it makes a lot of sense to last longer. In addition, the savior R7000 also supports 100W PD charging, which can be recharged in 30 minutes, making it lighter to travel and faster to recharge, making it even more advantageous.

To sum up, the price difference between the two computers compared in this period is about 1000 yuan. If the ultimate performance-to-price ratio is pursued, some players may directly choose the hidden star P16, but through the comparison test, the combination of 12 generations of i7-12650H+RTX4060 does not show its due advantages in game performance, while the savior R7000 has certain advantages in workmanship texture, memory hard disk, keyboard quality, battery charging and after-sales service. In this way, does the price difference of 1000 yuan become reasonable? I believe that after reading this issue of the evaluation, you should have your own answer in mind.

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