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Xiang Piaopiao & # 215; Guanyuan data BI project launch meeting was successfully held to help brands gain new increments in e-commerce business.

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Recently, Xiangpiaopiao, the founder and leader of Chinese cups of milk tea, has reached a cooperation with Guanyuan data and successfully held the "Xiangpiaopiao BI Project launch meeting". General Manager of Xiangpiaopiao Brand Innovation Center Elsa, General Manager Gu of E-Commerce Department, General Manager qu, General Manager Li of Finance Department, General Manager Yan of Information Department, General Manager he, Deputy General Manager of Guanyuan data Retail and consumption Department Ida and other senior company leaders and team members attended the kick-off meeting.

Xiang Piao Piao, founded in 2005, is the pioneer and leader of cup milk tea in China, with three major brands of "Xiang Piao Piao", "Meco" and "Lan Fang Yuan". In 2017, it logged on to the Shanghai Stock Exchange to become "the first share of China milk tea". Now it has four major manufacturing bases in Chengdu, Tianjin, Huzhou and Jiangmen, with production capacity radiating the country. And built a sound marketing system, covering more than 80% of the country's retail terminals, the number of dealers 1000 million, more than 10,000 distributors, to achieve full coverage of the sales network.

In 2013, Xiang Piao floated into Tmall, opened e-commerce channels to test the waters, and comprehensively carried out "Internet +" exploration of products, channels, marketing and other aspects by 2020, and enabled enterprise product innovation and brand rejuvenation through digital applications to drive the rapid development of e-commerce revenue. In recent years, in addition to further deepening cooperation with Tmall platform, Xiang Piao has also continued to expand social e-commerce channels such as Douyin, Kuaishou, pinduoduo, etc., so that Xiang Piao has gradually formed a benign and complementary three-dimensional marketing network of "offline + online". Expand the reach of consumers and improve sales conversion rate.

E-commerce channel is the key distribution of sales channels, and the BI project is one of the core projects of the overall information planning of Xiangpiao e-commerce. At the launching meeting of the Xiangpiaopiao × Guanyuan data BI project, he General Manager of the Xiangpiao Information Department introduced the background and three core objectives of the construction of the Xiangpiao BI.

Mining business opportunities with data to support agile business decisions

Through the accumulation of data, from the business perspective, with the help of BI flexible display, using data mining business opportunities. Improve the efficiency of business analysis demand response, data-driven business, help long-term analysis of problems, support agile business decisions.

Form data assets and unify data portals

Take Guanyuan BI to automatically collect the operation data of the platform, break the current situation of scattered data, non-uniform dimensions and short shelf life of the platform, and establish a database on the part of the enterprise to form data assets. Unified data portal, with the help of Guanyuan BI rights management, can access all business data in one stop.

One-stop BI, agile presentation of business results

Through the construction of one-stop BI, sub-theme, sub-channel, multi-dimensional, flexible presentation of business status. To solve the problems such as the traditional Excel report can not guarantee the data security, the data display form is single, the manual report is tedious and inefficient, and the large-scale data processing is difficult, the report is generated automatically and the manual operation is reduced.

Elsa, general manager of Xiangpiao Brand Innovation Center, said at the launch meeting that the fine operation of e-commerce requires enterprises to improve their data analysis capabilities and business staff's awareness of the application of data. Xiangpiao attaches great importance to the digital construction experience of Guanyuan data in the brand e-commerce field, and hopes that the two sides will work together to achieve the landing of BI in Xiangpiao faster and better.

Ida, deputy general manager of the retail consumption division of Guanyuan data, said that he thanked Xiang Piaopiao for her trust and support to Guanyuan data. In the digital age, in the process of promoting digital construction, enterprises need to enhance the awareness of data within the organization in order to effectively realize the analysis and utilization of data. To raise data awareness, we need tools that can really make the business work, to help enterprises build a data culture. Look at the ease of use of BI products, that is, the emphasis on "let the business use", so that the brand can really achieve the improvement of data driving force.

This time, in cooperation with Xiang Piaopiao, the Guanyuan data project team will give full play to its product, technology and service advantages. Apart from successfully realizing the project goals for the brand through the BI platform, it will also help Xiangpiao cultivate internal BI development capabilities, and provide suggestions for the brand to build a scientific index system based on Guanyuan's rich implementation and industry experience, while helping brand business personnel to liberate from the system operation and maintenance. Be able to focus on business carding and data analysis, so that the BI platform can create long-term value in the development and growth of enterprises.

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