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Double Twelve Promotion kicks off, Samsung TV Cheng Huan is the first choice.

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Samsung has been deeply engaged in the high-end TV market for a long time, continuously launching high-quality products to meet the needs of users for film viewing, games, life and office, etc., improving its competitiveness with technological innovation as the leader, building "science and technology·art·home" in multiple dimensions, and continuously consolidating Samsung's position as a leader in the TV industry with outstanding achievements ranking first in the global TV market for 17 years. Recently, Samsung Mall's Double Twelve Promotion Activities officially kicked off. 0 yuan reservation will enjoy additional multiple rights and interests. There will also be a number of preferential activities such as up to 2600 yuan replacement subsidy, up to 12 periods of 0 interest rate and official extension of 2-year repair. Come and shop, and don't miss out on upgrading your home entertainment experience!

4K video flagship

As Samsung's Neo QLED 4K new product released this year, Samsung QN85Z TV continues the consistent high-end display effect of this series of products, and equipped with Samsung's exclusive neuron quantum dot processor, creating the ultimate audio and video experience, becoming the best choice for many consumers. On this occasion of great promotion, you can get a new subsidy of up to 2600 yuan, and you can get a surprise bar stereo HW-Q600C. The year-end price is good. It's an opportunity!

Samsung QN85Z TV is equipped with quantum dot matrix technology, which precisely controls Samsung quantum dot Mini LED, so that the screen can be fine under any conditions. The TV has a built-in neuron quantum dot processor that simulates deep learning of human neuronal systems, intelligently repairs missing textures and details, and quickly renders sharp and sharp images close to 4K. Depth enhancement technology can simulate the focusing mode of human eye processing depth of field through target area detection, creating immersive viewing experience for users. At the same time, the neuron quantum dot processor can naturally blend vivid 3D sound effects with 4K HD images to achieve perfect audio-visual effects with sound and shadow, bringing magnificent sound waves.

Perfect presentation of artistic tension

Samsung Lifestyle Art TV uses innovative technology and artistic ingenuity to create an aesthetically inspired ideal home, refreshing the living room space of countless families. The Frame series of art TVs uses matte screen technology to minimize ambient light reflections and glare, allowing users to enjoy clear images in any scene. The TV has more than 60 free paintings built in. After paying for the upgrade to Samsung Art Gallery service, it is expected to support nearly 1,000 masterpieces by many art masters including Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso. At the same time, The Frame series art TV also leads the new trend of personalized TV. The magnetic frame has a variety of colors to choose from and can be changed flexibly according to the mood. Consumers of this Double Twelve Promotion will receive a free metal frame of painted wall art TV, which will make the home space full of artistic tension at all times.

TV, while assuming the function of family entertainment, has been endowed with humanistic connotation and artistic beauty. Samsung The Serif series art TV has become the builder of home art atmosphere with its unique temperament. The TV's "I" design is simple and stylish, the overall appearance adopts 360° round design, no trace back plate can not see a screw, detachable bracket makes it can move at home. The Serif series of art TVs support the environment screen function, which can easily change the style of the room through different pictures displayed on the TV, and can also present the date, time, weather and news. The TV also supports NFC function. As long as the mobile phone is placed on the top of the TV, it can be interconnected. After the connection is successful, different music will be played on the mobile phone. The background wall on the TV will switch with the music, making life half pyrotechnic and half poetic.

The choice of high-end eSports players

Samsung deeply cultivates OLED screen display track. OLED series TV S90Z released this year creates realistic pictures with a new generation of quantum dot OLED self-luminous screen technology. It achieves physical game "plug-in" with ultra-high refresh rate of 144Hz and automatic low delay mode, which meets players 'demand for high-performance large-screen game equipment. On the basis of retaining the core advantages of OLED, Samsung S90Z TV realizes quantum dot HDR brightness enhancement through pixel-level precise light control, and the perceptual color mapping technology of neuron quantum dot processor makes the picture fuller and brighter, becoming the first OLED TV in the world to obtain Pantone color certification. Samsung OLED TV has also passed HDR 10 + certification and UWA Alliance HDR Vivid authoritative certification, comprehensively improving the picture texture. The auditory experience also realizes sensory resonance, and the sound field is extraordinary and exciting.

Samsung S90Z TV's powerful performance configuration allows players to fly in the game world. Through a variety of technical advantages such as dynamic black equalizer and game dynamic enhancement plus, the TV allows users to play HDR games without tearing or shaking the picture. In addition, the TV is VDE Gaming Performance certified and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certified, allowing users to explore the gaming world.

The explosive TV is strong.

Samsung Q60Z TV uses QLED quantum dot technology to bring excellent image quality and color performance. Quantum dots absorb light and convert it into amazing colors, providing brilliant picture quality. HDR10 +'s dynamic tones adjust for deep blacks and light, consistently presenting vibrant images for a cinematic experience with sharp contrast.

Intelligent hardware brings ultimate audio-visual, rich content ecology and smart home IoT have also become the "battleground" of TV technology. Samsung Q60Z TV is compatible with Tizen and Android apps. The new Tizen system runs more smoothly. It can be turned on in seconds without advertisements. The app store supports more than 300 app downloads. Through intelligent voice search, users can watch mango TV, cloud audio-visual aurora, cool meow film and television, Galaxy kiwi fruit and other audio and video resources, and unlock new ways of leisure entertainment with one button. At the same time, it supports far-field voice, intelligent IoT and dual-window screen projection work, making home life more convenient.

Samsung is the best choice for people seeking quality of life with ultra-high definition image quality, cinema-level immersion and good home integration. Samsung Mall's Double Twelve discount activity is hot, go to buy now to unlock more benefits!

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