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Create a creative off-screen interface Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 to help you show your personality

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Samsung's fifth-generation folding screen flagship Galaxy Z Flip5 quickly won the favor of many consumers after it was released this year. The most attractive thing about this generation of products is undoubtedly the fully upgraded large-field-of-view intelligent outer screen. It not only brings a stronger functional experience, but also becomes a magic weapon for users to show their personality. Through a variety of custom features, users can create a more creative off-screen interface that will help you earn a full head turn when you are away from home. However, there may be some friends who still haven't played with the custom option of this large outer screen, so let's take a look at how to refresh the visibility of your outer screen.

As Samsung Galaxy Z

Flip5's "facade responsibility" smart screen is 3.4 inches high, which is significantly higher than the 1.9 inches of the previous generation, almost occupying the upper back of the phone, while the irregular screen shape design shows Samsung's innovative spirit of bold breakthroughs, which coincides with the ideas of many young users. A larger display area naturally opens up a new world for users to express themselves. By adjusting the wallpaper, clock style, etc., users can create a unique off-screen display interface.

The wide-field intelligent outer screen supports wallpaper in a variety of formats, and your own photos, favorite pictures, interesting GIF animations, wonderful short videos, etc., can be set as wallpaper. For example, if you want to use beautiful photos as wallpaper, you can click the add button in the outer screen options set by the system, and then select the most favorite photo from the album. At the same time, you can also click "Photo frame" to add graphics or letters around the photo to increase the interest of the off-screen display, or you can change the filter effect of the photo to highlight different styles. After adjusting the wallpaper, we can click on the clock in the screen to set the clock style that suits us. The layout of the clock, the style of the numbers, and the color can be customized. You can create the clock Style that matches it best based on the wallpaper you chose before.

If you are a more functional pragmatist, you can directly select the preset outer screen template in the "Information preset" to reduce the steps of your own settings and complete the transformation of the outer screen more quickly. The layout and information displayed in each template are different, and users can choose according to their own needs. Users can then select photos from the album to replace the default wallpaper and make more personalized settings such as color and style adjustments.

For those users who want to be more original and fashionable when going out on the street, you can choose Samsung as Galaxy Z

Intelligent theme protection shell provided by Flip5. The protective case comes with a uniquely designed NFC interactive card. The user puts the card into the protective case and fits it with Samsung Galaxy Z

On the back of the Flip5, after being identified by the system, the intelligent outer screen with a large field of vision will activate the theme that matches the card, unifying the style of the body and interface, bringing a novel and interesting personalized experience. Among them, Samsung Eco-Friends series protective shell also links world-famous characters and works of art. If you are a loyal fan of these IP, you must get this series protective shell for your Samsung Galaxy.

Z Flip5 change "clothes".

Seeing here, have you mastered these custom options in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 wide field of vision smart outer screen? Come and release your creativity, unlock the unique interface style in this outer screen, and let Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 endorse your style and taste.

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