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Heshi file helps head SaaS supplier cuisine to achieve electronic accounting voucher compliance management

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Shulou( Report--

In recent years, various regions across the country have simultaneously opened the paperless pilot project of file management, and the policies of paperless reimbursement, accounting and filing have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. In order to solve the problem of the unification of data standards, the Accounting Department of the Ministry of Finance and nine ministries issued the notice of Electronic voucher Accounting data Standard (trial version) in the first half of 2023. Under the guidance of a series of policies, enterprises urgently need to go further to paperless management. As the last kilometer of enterprise financial digital transformation, the construction of electronic accounting file system is very important.

Recently, in the "100 questions about the Digital Transformation of Enterprise Finance" launched by Hesi United Future Financial personnel Research Institute, Zhang Ting, the head of SaaS supplier in the O2O world of catering and retail, talked to Chai Xiaonan, the head of the intelligent ticket filing business, to jointly reveal how to achieve electronic accounting voucher compliance management in the period of counting electric tickets.

The following is a transcript of the LVB conversation (simplified):

Hesi: what designs have been done in digital construction in the process of large-scale development of food dishes?

Zhang Ting: in recent years, the catering takeout industry has ushered in a vigorous development, and China's takeout industry has reached 1.1 trillion by 2022. Founded in 2014, Restaurant is headquartered in Guangzhou, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, and operation centers in Chengdu, Wuxi and Qingdao. As the first batch of domestic enterprises involved in catering SaaS system, the company has more than 20 years of practical R & D experience in catering system, and is committed to providing integrated O2O solutions for domestic catering and retail enterprises, such as headquarters-regional management application, store-end management application, rider distribution-capacity management application, ecological service provider application management, CDBI, omni-channel agent operation and so on. By August 2023, the restaurant has connected 83 flow platforms, 53 logistics and distribution platforms, 193 systems and application tools, serving more than 5000 domestic and foreign chain brands and covering more than 350000 stores in more than 400 cities across the country. Including McDonald's, Burger King, DQ, Bang John, COSTA, Yoshino, Xibei, hometown Chicken, Zhou's Black Duck, Nai Xue Tea, a little bit, True Kungfu, Wangxiangyuan, Lugang Town and many other well-known catering groups, as well as convenience store, Shell convenience store, City Garden and other new retailers to provide services. At the same time, we have reached strategic cooperation with many well-known takeout brands, logistics and distribution companies and third-party companies to help many customers improve their operational efficiency by more than 30%.

With the large-scale development of enterprises, digital tools play an important role in improving quality and efficiency in this process. For example, in the sales business, the cloud enterprise system of Restaurant integrates the conversion data of sales operations, and transfers the original offline manual work to online system processing, which greatly reduces the error rate; the front end of industry-financial cooperation, the restaurant introduces the Heisi fee control system to fully control all kinds of expenses across the company and across regions. Based on the widely connected product characteristics of Heshi, it is seamlessly connected with Kingdee's accounting system to help finance easily complete automatic bookkeeping and certification. The back end is connected to the Hesi archival system to uniformly archive and store the archival data in different systems to form a paperless closed-loop management.

Hesi: in recent years, various regions of the country have simultaneously opened the paperless pilot project of file management, and the policies of paperless reimbursement, accounting and filing have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. In order to solve the problem of the unification of data standards, the Accounting Department of the Ministry of Finance and nine ministries issued the notice of Electronic voucher Accounting data Standard (trial version) in the first half of this year. What are the factors that take the initiative to choose to build an electronic accounting file system?

Zhang Ting: starting from January 1, 2023, the invoices issued by the restaurant are all telegram tickets. For the enterprise invoice side, counting electric tickets saves many costs, such as express delivery, online and offline management, and so on. Starting from 2023, we will count the trend of all kinds of invoices received every quarter, of which electronic invoices are receiving more and more, accounting for 85% of the total invoice volume. Together with the electronic statements in other systems and other electronic original documents, the proportion has exceeded 90%.

When the electronic rate of archived materials reaches 90%, we need to choose more efficient electronic accounting files to manage. Electronic accounting files can be traced to each payment stream, linked to claims, invoices, bank returns, and other voucher attachments. Since August 2023, Food has completed the filing and compliance management of electronic accounting vouchers, including all electronic accounting vouchers, back-end electronic bank returns, procurement contracts and other supporting materials. After the electronic accounting file system is put online, from the cost-saving point of view, we have saved a lot of express fees, paper printing paper supplies costs, but also saved the time cost of accounting filing.

Hesi: at present, many enterprises are reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and when choosing digital information suppliers, they all want to spend their money on the cutting edge. How does the cuisine decide when starting the cost control and file project?

Zhang Ting: taking the selection of cost control system as an example, we have come into contact with many software manufacturers, large and small. For financial personnel, the internal control of cost control products is relatively complete and easy to accept, but for non-financial personnel, many cost control products lack flexibility and are not convenient to use. For restaurants, the company prefers SaaS products to simplify internal processes and improve efficiency as much as possible at less cost.

As a result, the cuisine chose the joint fee control in 2021, especially for non-financial personnel, which is more flexible. This year, when we chose the electronic accounting file system, we also made reference to a lot of products, but taking into account the use of Heshi fee control products, data extraction and functional module extraction during follow-up system docking, and so on, we choose Hesi's series of products, Hesi Files, to greatly improve the overall financial work efficiency and save labor costs. In addition, through the collaborative experience of Heshi cost control project, comprehensive pre-sales plan and quick response after-sales service, we are more confident in choosing Hesi Archives.

Hesi: what is the core reason for the construction of electronic accounting file system in restaurants? What is the most significant change in cuisine since the launch of the Hesi file?

Zhang Ting: before the filing system went online, the restaurant adopted the management mode of offline filing. This kind of management has natural defects, such as the loss of archival data when moving or data transfer, and the accounting data can not be traced after the departure of the staff. On the other hand, the food finance department will be very busy in the first half of each year. First of all, double audit, as the parent company is in Hong Kong and headquartered in the mainland, we need to conduct mainland audit and Hong Kong audit. At the same time, there will be remittance and settlement, declaration of various subsidies, and so on. There are many declaration items, resulting in spot checks of relevant accounting documents very frequently, while financial affairs spend most of their time in sorting out vouchers, photocopying vouchers, disassembling and assembling and other trivial work.

Therefore, the last set of electronic accounting file system can at least set up our filing principles as needed, while the back end can see the results of the work of the person in charge of the filing. In addition, the Hesi archives can achieve four-sex testing, can trace the original documents, and spot checks are more convenient. It is expected that in the first half of 2024, we will save more time in spot checks and access to these archival documents, one is to extract electronic documents directly from the line for direct preview, and the other is to send electronic documents directly to the relevant departments, instead of splitting and sorting them level by level.

Hesi: what is the current situation of the management of the return order of the restaurant bank before? What are the key issues solved after launch?

Zhang Ting: before the bank return order management is to rely on manual filing, a fixed time every week review inspection, there are often incomplete or missing voucher attachments, which will be made up by the cashier in the later stage. Now with electronic accounting files, payment streams can be extracted from the Heshi fee control system to extract documents, return orders and related attachments, and collection streams can also be imported through OCR identification. Next year, the restaurant hopes to relate the integrity of the relevant collection return order in some way, so that the cashier no longer needs OCR identification to import the bank return order, but directly extracts it through some systems without manual operation, laying a solid foundation for the realization of one-click generation of relevant reports. At the same time, after the electronic bank returns the order correlation, the integrity of the voucher is guaranteed, the overall operation efficiency is improved, and the relevant posts reflect their work value.

Thinking: in the era of digital economy, the training of financial talents is also very important. From your professional point of view and rich experience, how do you view the relationship between financial staff and IT technology and professional competence? What abilities should financial personnel have in the future?

Zhang Ting: prior to this, finance has always been a more traditional industry, focusing more on the development of professional abilities. Now, entering the era of digital economy, finance should think more about how to use digital systems to make work more efficient, while constantly accumulating and using data. Financial personnel should cultivate systematic thinking, move from the financial side to the front-line business, and make use of the ability of data analysis to empower the enterprise to operate. Accounting ability is the basic ability of financial personnel, but in the future, with the development of artificial intelligence and other technologies, a large part of the accounting work will be replaced by the system.

Therefore, financial personnel in the future should have the ability of systematic thinking and business analysis during the transformation, while embracing technological changes, learning to master technology, rather than being replaced by technology, and actively try to put new applications and tools into work to improve work efficiency.

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