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The elder brother has tasted it and said yes: the multi-flavor small fish is 14.9 yuan and 40 packs are half-price promotion ( 26 yuan)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [flagship cat store for catching fish]

The daily price of 280g (40 packs) is 28.9 yuan. You can get a coupon of 14 yuan today. You can actually pay 14.9 yuan for free delivery:

Tmall catches fish cat multi-flavor small fish 7g / pack * 40 yuan coupon after 14.9 yuan 14 yuan Jingdong 240g package price 21.9 yuan, equivalent to 280g package about 25.55 yuan: click to view.

Remove the head and tail to remove the viscera, the meat is tight and chewy, crispy and nutritious.

Clean ingredient list, no technology and hard work.

Ingredients: dried fish, vegetable oil, edible salt, sugar, pepper, spices.

The overall feedback of the old buddies who have placed an order is not bad. Interested friends can try it.

Baby profile brand: cat that catches fish

Specification: 7g / pack * 40 packets

Taste: pickled pepper / happy / imperial concubine / crispy drunk

Shelf life: 12 months

Tmall catches fish cat multi-flavor small fish 7g / bag * 40 yuan coupons after 14.9 yuan coupons

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