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Another "young genius"! 17-year-old CEO uses robots to grow rice in the desert

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Recently, another "genius boy" has been exposed. Qin Tianzhu, a 17-year-old high school student in Haidian, Beijing, is CEO, a food company that serves 800 people, and is also CEO and CTO of a bionic robot company. The bionic robot company he founded has not only seven invention patents, but also seed wheel financing, which has attracted the attention of a number of venture capitalists and institutions. In addition, he is also a master of bilibili Technology up, and his works have been viewed more than 100000 times online.

Although he is known as a "young genius", Qin Tianzhu is sober and wise. He said: "I always think that my greatest gift has never been how smart I am or how outstanding I am in any scene, but that I have the courage to take the first step. Like that sentence, which do you think is more important in the process of climbing or climbing to the top?" I think it's more important to start, life is full of choices, and we can't guarantee that every choice we make is right, but I think what young people or I should do is to make our choices right. "

Qin Tianzhu, a teenager, had such a wish: to buy a luxury car of his own before the age of 18, to start a company dedicated to turning imagination into reality, and to earn the first 1 million. At the age of 17, however, these wishes really changed from imagination to reality.

When it comes to his entrepreneurial process, it is the process of finding what he is interested in and trying to make his imagination a reality. Nurtured by the family technology atmosphere since childhood, Qin Tianzhu has always been interested in science and technology, so after having the idea of starting a business, he resolutely chose the quadruped robot industry. He said frankly that he was lucky, and it was a pleasure to meet the company's chief technology officer, chief marketing officer and other excellent partners on the way to start a business together with a group of like-minded people.

It is understood that most of the members of Qin Tianzhu's entrepreneurial team gave up the high-salary invitation from big companies and chose to follow him to the future. To him, it was all worth it.

At present, Qin Tianzhu's entrepreneurial team has broken through the core technical difficulties of the bionic robot and plans to create a real application scene for the bionic robot that can create value for the world. Some people commented on Qin Tianzhu's design: "the layman looks good, the expert looks more awesome." At present, the team has reached a cooperation with Renchuang Group to plant rice in the desert, to turn the desert into an oasis, and to solve the problems of land desertification and food shortages.

Lei Jun, 17, was admitted to Wuhan University and started the "open hang mode"; Jobs, 17, has just dropped out of school and is planning a great career for Apple; and Qin Tianzhu, a 17-year-old "genius", is braving the wind and waves with his team to make his dream come true.

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