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The founder of Huajia responded to the bankruptcy rumors: he did not run away, and the implementation plan for the old order is expected to be announced at the end of the month at the earliest.

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Shulou( Report--, December 5, according to the Black Cat complaint, on the afternoon of September 25, the personnel department of Huajia, a well-known flower e-commerce company, issued a full letter acknowledging that the company was under "unprecedented pressure" and that "in the past few months, the company has been living beyond its means due to the off-season, historical order performance and bank repayment pressure." In early September, the company's bank accounts were closed and transfers to suppliers, customers and employees were prohibited. Huajia decided to enter the phase of closure and rectification.

More than two months later, FLOWERPLUS Huajia Wechat official account news, Huajia founder Xiao Ke responded to questions such as whether Huajia closed down, whether the founder ran away, and whether orders were delivered.

Xiao Ke said that Huajia did not close down and the founder did not run away. At present, the primary goal is to resume operation, so that Huajia can restart healthily. At present, the preparation work has been completed, and the implementation of the new order is expected to begin in mid-December at the earliest (the new order refers to the order issued after December 1, 2023). The detailed plan for the delivery and fulfillment of old orders is also being studied, and it is currently in the stage of actively preparing funds and looking for new suppliers. The implementation plan for the old order is expected to be announced by the end of December at the earliest.

A letter to the friends of Hua Jia Hua:

Hello, everyone. I am Xiao Ke, the founder of FLOWERPLUS Flower Plus. First of all, I would like to express my deep apologies to all my friends. I also feel sad and sorry for the problems faced by FLOWERPLUS Flower Plus recently.

As a brand that has been deeply cultivated in the flower industry for 9 years, FLOWERPLUS Huajia has always been committed to providing high-quality flowers and quality service. Recently, due to some uncontrollable factors, our delivery has indeed been seriously affected.

I understand that the interruption of our service may cause great inconvenience to the florists who are used to spending Mondays every week, and even make you feel disappointed and angry.

We have been doing our best to solve the problem of non-delivery, conducting in-depth communication and consultation with suppliers and logistics partners, hoping to resume our flower service as soon as possible, and have been reflecting on the causes of this predicament.

I know very well that the trust of users is the cornerstone of the brand. Therefore, "customer first" has always been the top-down core of the company, but also as the original intention of the founder, we will try our best to maintain and win back the trust of every flower friend to us.

Perseverance, it is not difficult to start again, we really have the faith to turn the tide, please believe us! Once again, I would like to express my apologies and thanks to all my friends. We will use practical actions to prove our determination, and we are bound to stand up again from this crisis, start anew, and start from the heart!

This is not only a matter of life and death of a company, not only the responsibility of users / suppliers / employees, but also a battle between all participants and themselves.

According to public information, Flowerplus Flower Plus was founded in 2015, creating a daily flower subscription model of "online subscription + direct delivery of origin + value-added service" and launching a 99-yuan monthly package of flowers (once a week and four times a month). checked Huajia's website and found that Huajia has a 20000-mu flower planting base in Yunnan, where 6 million flowers are picked every week. In addition, Hua Jia has also reached an agreement with the world's largest flower countries, claiming to import only high-quality A-grade flowers. Huajia has built seven major warehousing bases in the country, with a flower factory of 35000 square meters.

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