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Microsoft Surface Hub 3 Business Edition upgrade package launched by Bank of China, 22188 yuan

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Thanks to netizens i7q1280p for the clue delivery!, December 5 (Xinhua)-- Microsoft officially launched the Surface Hub 3 giant touchscreen computer at its new product launch in September this year.

Currently, Microsoft has installed a commercial upgrade package of Surface Hub 3 on the Chinese official website (click here to buy it), which costs 22188 yuan (for 50-inch Surface Hub 2S devices).

It is understood that the Surface Hub 3 commercial upgrade package brings Microsoft Teams Rooms (meeting room) to Surface Hub 2S, including the latest Teams Rooms layout and management functions, as well as a number of major upgrades, improving running speed, improving image effects, and increasing storage space.

New features are added to

Vertical mode and intelligent rotation: with the Surface Hub 3 Business Edition upgrade package, you can rotate the Surface Hub 2S 50 inches according to your needs and set it to landscape or portrait mode to adjust the screen layout, from natural whiteboard sessions to more personalized one-to-one calls.

Seamless integration: the Surface Hub 3 Business Edition upgrade package updates Surface Hub 2S to Windows 11 IoT Enterprise Edition, which supports the Microsoft Teams meeting room experience on Windows.

More powerful performance: with the Surface Hub 3 Business Edition upgrade package, customers will experience 60% performance enhancement and 160% graphics performance improvement on Surface Hub 2S.

The upgrade package has the following ports:


RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet

Mini-DisplayPort video output

HDMI video input

USB-C with Alt mode DisplayPort input

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