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The main photo of Sony LYT-808 in the first launch of one plus 12 mobile phone, 64MP is looking at telephoto.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 5, one plus 12 mobile phone was officially released this afternoon. Officials have revealed an one-plus-12 image configuration, featuring the launch of Sony LYT-808, jointly developed by one plus x Sony.

It is worth mentioning that the OPPO Find N3 phone has launched Sony LYT-T808, note that this time the name is different, one plus 12 does not support double-layer transistor pixel technology.

The one plus 12 phone also comes with a 1p 2-inch 64MP Haowei OV64B periscope telephoto, equivalent focal length 70mm, 3x optical zoom, F / 2.6aperture, and optical anti-shake support.

One plus 12 also comes with a 48MP Sony IMX581 ultra-wide-angle lens.

As previously reported by, at the OPPO super-image technology communication meeting, OPPO announced that it would join hands with Hassel to build a new generation of 2024 superlight imaging system, which consists of three major parts:

Superlight and shadow full-camera system, from increasing zoom magnification to creating creative freedom from multiple perspectives

Hyperlight shadow image engine, with more computing to achieve fewer computing traces

Super light shadow ProXDR display, in line with the screen viewing mode of photo display technology.

One plus 12 will be equipped with a new generation of hyperlight shadow imaging system, and will follow up on the follow-up information of the new machine.

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