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The one plus 12 mobile phone launches the "bright eye protection" technology, which is known as "beyond the industry already has an eye protection solution"

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Shulou( Report-- December 5 news, the ongoing one plus new product conference, one plus 12 mobile phone debut medical grade "bright eye care" technology, known as "the industry's existing eye care programs, all beyond; the industry did not have eye care technology, released for the first time", won the industry's first Rheinland TU eye care V intelligent eye care certification, and won the national ophthalmology diagnosis and treatment engineering technology research center medical grade eye care certification.

One plus 12 eye protection scheme:

Hardware-level low blue light to solve the problem of harmful blue light damage to the retina

‎ natural light display to solve the problem of visual fatigue caused by the big difference in color temperature between the screen and the environment.

‎ increases melatonin and reduces the effect of screen light on sleep quality.

‎ has bright eyes and low strobe to solve the problem of visual fatigue caused by watching high frequency flashing on the screen.

‎ highlights visible, dark light to protect the eyes, to solve the problem of visual fatigue caused by dazzling dark light and blurred light.

‎ ultra-precision ambient light is self-adaptive to solve the visual fatigue caused by frequent changes in screen brightness.

In addition, the one plus 12 phone also launched a 2K Oriental screen (BOE X1 luminous material) with a peak brightness of 4500 nits, obtained DisplayMate A+ certification, set a new 18 records, and supported 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming.

One plus 12 has been unveiled at the new product conference, providing white, green and rock black three colors, respectively using a new generation of ceramic glass technology, the industry's first superimposed emerald glass process, a new generation of silk glass technology.

For more information on one plus 12 phones, will bring you later.

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