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Lao Lao's first autofocus lens exposure: Sony E bayonet, 10mm F2.8 specification

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to net friend independent photographer for the lead delivery! December 5 news, Changgeng Optics (also known as Lao Frog/ LAOWA) is about to launch its first autofocus ultra-wide angle fixed-focus lens-10mm F2.8 C&D Dreamer.

@ Independent photographers have now exposed the appearance and some parameters of this lens. Let's take a look together. This lens uses Sony E mount, has automatic manual switch button, can use 77mm round filter, mainly low distortion.

At present, the brands that have launched autofocus lenses among domestic manufacturers include Vizox, Yongnuo, Meike, Mingjiang, Rock Star and Sirui Optics. In addition, Star and Seven Craftsmen are also officially announcing the upcoming release of their autofocus lens products.

At present, I haven't seen more parameter information about this lens yet. will bring more detailed reports to you in the future.

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