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Apple has made great efforts to promote space audio and can get more benefits from making music with Dolby panoramic sound.

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Shulou( Report--, Dec. 11 (Xinhua)-- Apple plans to give higher traffic weight to songs using Dolby Panorama (Dolby Atmos) from 2024, thus providing copyright owners with higher incentives to use space audio to make music, Bloomberg reported.

Currently, Apple's audio hardware (including AirPods and HomePod) already supports Dolby Panorama, and as more tracks add modern features such as space audio, consumers may have more incentive to buy the latest Apple products.

According to Apple, the spatial audio of Apple Music is essentially achieved through Dolby panoramic sound. This multi-channel audio technology allows precise layout of sound elements, allowing listeners to perceive the location of sound in space.

In Logic Pro, you can use the native integrated Dolby panoramic sound plug-in to place or move "objects" in the three-dimensional space of Dolby panoramic sound. ( Note: elements in songs, such as drums, bass, etc.).

If you are used to using other DAW (digital audio workstations), you can also use Dolby Atmos Production Suite (Dolby Panorama Sound production Kit) by installing separate plug-ins.

It is worth mentioning that the subscription price of Apple Apple Music has been greatly increased, including student subscription from 5 yuan to 6 yuan per month, individual subscription price from 10 yuan to 11 yuan per month, and family subscription from 15 yuan to 17 yuan per month.

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