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[evaluation room] No Pro, beyond Pro: one plus 12 in-depth experience

2024-02-27 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

During this period of time, one plus 12 should be the most anticipated Snapdragon 8 Gen3 flagship aircraft. After all, before the official release of one plus 12, one plus has already warmed up the new machine to be launched with a number of very "amazing" technologies. Another more important reason is that the one plus brand ushered in its 10th anniversary this year. As a "ten-year flagship surpassing work", one plus 12 naturally has to show excellent product strength. And the positioning of this phone is also very high, although there is no "Pro", it surpasses many Pro models in configuration.

So is this high-profile Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 phone worth the wait?

One plus 12 has come to the evaluation room, and now brings you a hands-on experience of this new machine.

First, the design chapter one plus 12 still continues the overall design language of one plus 11. In fact, from the beginning of one plus 10, you can feel that one plus is shaping this kind of family design with heritage. Needless to say, the benefit of this design is that people can see at a glance that this is a "Designed By OnePlus" product.

Of course, despite the same design language, there are still a lot of changes in the details of one plus 12--

For example, this set of lens modules made by high luxury watch craftsmanship is officially called an upgraded "TIME Design" design inspired by "time".

If you look closely, you will find that the interior of the one-plus-12 lens module "borrows" a large number of advanced watch designs, such as the starry dial, where mottled dots appear from time to time, and there is a delicate "time scale" on the inner ring of the lens module. the outermost ring is the "bezel" of the highlight process.

These details are easily reminiscent of a high-end watch, and when you get your phone, you can't help but take a look at the lens module.

This time, one plus 12 covers a whole piece of glass on top of the lens module, which is called "watch mirror". Below are four orderly cameras and sensors, although they appear to be independent of each other and slightly protruding, but because of the existence of "watch mirror", it feels like a whole.

On the one hand, the advantage of this design is that it has a more advanced look and feel, just like a traditional high-end watch-there is a small dial under the mirror for displaying calendars, days of the week, or scoring.

On the other hand, it is more practical. Due to the existence of the watch mirror, there is no ash between the lenses.

In terms of color matching, one plus 12 provides "white", "greenish green" and "rock black". The "greenish green" color obtained by is slightly cooler in tone and slightly higher in grayscale, reminiscent of the green of Cangshan, which looks very calm and textured, but does not seem too abrupt or dazzling.

In terms of technology, "Green" is made of a new generation of stacked emerald glass, and the surface has a natural texture similar to marble. The damping effect of AG scrub is greater than expected, but it is still silky.

In terms of detail design, one plus 12 retains the unique "three-stage switch design", and the metal frame adopts a highlight design with the same color as the rear cover.

The one plus 12 BWH is 164.3*75.8*9.15mm in size and weighs about 220g, which is a little heavier than the previous generation, but the feel is still good, especially considering the large battery stuffed into the 5400mAh and the luxurious periscope configuration, which I think is totally acceptable.

Second, the screen comes to the front.

This time, one plus 12 carries the "strongest 2K Oriental screen" of Mount Qomolangma, which is known as the screen. It is this joint BOE to create the "Oriental screen", took the lead in opening the curtain of one plus 12 preheating.

According to the official description, one plus 12 Oriental screen has 6 breakthroughs, 9 world No.1 and 12 global debuts, and a comprehensive breakthrough in the five most important dimensions of user experience: display, eye protection, brightness, lifespan and LTPO.

Specifically, it uses 2K + 3216 * 1440 resolution, 510 ppi, the peak brightness exceeds the 3000nit, the global excitation luminance is 1600 nitray P3 100% color gamut, and the average JNCD is 0.35. It supports the native 10washbitline HDR 10 + authentication and supports the Dolby horizon.

One plus 12 is equipped with a "self-developed image quality engine", matching the first generation of OPPO display chip Display P1 with "high-precision pixel-level calibration algorithm", realizing the industry's first single-pixel independent calibration, with 9.12 million pixel-level calibrations, the display effect is particle-free and purer.

At the eye protection level, "bright eye protection" technology has been released for the first time on one plus 12, realizing "3 EMPulse + 1 EMPulse DC dimming" and "2160Hz high frequency PWM dimming", which greatly improve the screen stroboscopic problem. And has obtained the Rhine highest level intelligent eye care 3.0 certification, the national ophthalmology diagnosis and treatment engineering technology research center authority certification.

This series of software and hardware advantages also let the one plus 12 screen refresh the DisplayMate A + 18 records, becoming the first domestic DisplayMate A + 2K screen.

In terms of parameters, the clarity, color accuracy, permeability, color deviation, display comfort, brightness uniformity and other aspects of the one plus 12 screen have all reached the top level in the industry, among other things, the 2K resolution of this standard alone can kill many products of the same level. After all, the 2K screen is the treatment that many products can enjoy only in oversized cups.

It is also a small sigh, this "Oriental screen" of one plus 12 is easy to remind people of the shock and surprise of the one plus 7 Pro world premiere 90Hz 2K + fluid screen.

Third, the image experience is the image that warms up the second chapter with one plus 12.

At the OPPO Image Strategic Communication and Paris Film Festival one plus 12 Shenzhen branch event on November 9, one plus announced that one plus 12 became the first flagship product fully equipped with the "new generation superlight shadow imaging system".

Specifically, the main photo of one plus 12 is the LYT-808 sensor, 5000 megapixels, and 1.4pm f / 1.6.Ois optical anti-shake + suspension prism anti-shake. Officials say the LYT-808 is the strongest flagship sensor second only to Sony by an inch.

The superlight and shadow periscope telephoto has an OV64B,1/2 inch of 64 million inches, f / 2.6. it is officially known as "the strongest periscope telephoto of the same class". It supports 20cm's recent focus distance, 3x optical lossless zoom, 6x optical zoom, and up to 120x digital zoom.

The ultra-wide angle is IMX581, which is consistent with the previous generation specification, 4800 megapixels, f / 2.2114 °ultra-wide angle.

These three lenses perfectly cover the full focus of the 14mm-140mm.

In terms of algorithm, the image ability of one plus 12 is built by the Find imaging team, with both optics and algorithms, supporting superlight and shadow ProXDR display and Hasu portraits, so that users can easily take pictures with clear details, vivid colors and natural light and shadow.

Let's look at the performance of the sample sheet:

Thanks to the addition of this periscope telephoto lens, the ultra-telephoto shooting ability of this generation of one plus 12 has been greatly improved, coupled with the flagship algorithm under the Find series, the imaging performance of one plus 12 is comparable to that of the Find series.

In addition to the jump in telephoto shooting ability, one plus 12 portrait shooting also has a full Find flavor, providing Hassel 23mm, 46mm and 70mm three classic portrait lenses, with the same style of Find algorithm, one plus 12 can easily capture clear, natural Hassel portrait photos, portrait performance has a strong three-dimensional sense, clear details, and few traces of the algorithm.

Fourth, the performance test part one plus 12 is equipped with the third generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform + full blood version LPDDR5X + UFS 4.0flagship performance combination, standard flagship three-piece set.

A brief introduction to Snapdragon 8 Gen 3:

4nm process of TSMC.

The 1-5-2 architecture is adopted on the CPU core, including a Cortex-X4 super-large core with the main frequency of 3.3GHz and five Cortex-A720 performance cores, including 3 cores with 3.2GHz as the main frequency and 2 cores with the 3.0GHz as the main frequency. In addition, there are 2 Cortex-A520 energy efficiency cores with the main frequency of 2.3GHz, and the overall performance of CPU has been improved by 30% and energy efficiency by 20%.

GPU, on the other hand, is Adreno 750, with official claims to improve performance by 25% and energy efficiency by 25%.

In addition to Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, this one plus 12 all-12GB starts and offers the highest 24GB + 1TB configuration.

The old rule is to run the score test directly.

An Rabbit (v10.1.6):

In the test at room temperature (about 20 °C at room temperature), one plus 12 scored 2184612 points, of which CPU got a score of 500,000 and GPU scored 900000.

Through the rabbit storage test, the one-plus-12 sequential read speed is 4062.3MB/s, the sequential write speed is 3695.0MB/s, the random read speed is 1727.0MB/s, and the random write speed is 1030.0MB/s.

Overall performance, in line with the "flagship three-piece set" positioning, but also the current ceiling level.

The running scores of GeekBench5 and 6 are measured.

In GeekBench 5, one plus 12 points for single core and 5710 points for multi-core

In GeekBench 6, one plus 12 is 2243 points for single core and 6767 points for multi-core.

For comparison, the scores of GeekBench 6, the Meizu 21 magnet that has just tested, are 2285 and 6674 respectively. Overall, the score of one plus 12 meets the level that Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 should have.

3D Mark:

For a single round of Wild Life, the score of one plus 12 is 18759, 20 consecutive rounds of high strength Wild Life, the stability is 62.8%, and the lowest cycle score is 11655.

From this point of view, the performance training of one plus 12 is still relatively "radical", and the lowest score is always controlled above 10,000 in many rounds of tests.

From the point of view of paper parameters and running scores, one plus 12 still implements the level of "performance pioneer" and basically finds fault in the core configuration.

To sum up, there is no need to worry about the configuration to buy one plus 12. After all, it represents the level that Snapdragon's flagship 8Gen3 should have.

Next, conducts a game test to see how one plus 12 actually performs.

Under + 60 frames of the highest picture quality of the "original God" game, turn on the e-sports mode of the mobile phone and carry on the actual measurement for 30 minutes.

In the test, we are mainly based on the running chart, and the battle scenes account for about 50% of the total game time, including about 10 minutes of continuous combat scenes in the middle of the game.

As shown in the image above, in a 30 + minute game, one plus 12 wins the average frame rate performance of 61.35fps (the highest frame is 62fps). During the game, there are not many fluctuations above and below 10fps, and stutter and frame drop are not felt by the naked eye.

This also includes the continuous combat scene from 9 minutes to the end of 18 minutes, in which the frame rate fluctuation is significantly more, but there is no cliff frame drop.

Let's take a look at the CPU core scheduling situation. In this scenario, we can see that the performance release of each core of Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is obviously stronger, and the eight cores work together, and the whole can be maintained at the level of 1GHz. As for the super-large core, it is also basically "sprinkled" all the way, not too much power, and the power consumption and heat of the whole chip are controlled at a better level.

Coupled with the newly upgraded "aerospace cooling system Pro", the one plus 12 temperature control performance is also expected:

After 30 minutes of "original God", the highest temperature of the fuselage is only 41 °C, which is located on the upper left side of the fuselage screen. It is warm to the touch, but it is not hot. Considering the overall performance of the game, this temperature control is already very satisfactory.

Through the "original God" test of the highest picture quality, you can easily understand the basic performance of one plus 12, but again, if you want to have a better game experience and stand out in the impression of users, you have to come up with something "differentiated".

The previous generation of one plus 11 brought an upgraded "hyperframe hyperpainting engine", a "super resolution" and "super HDR quality", and a 120-frame high-frame gaming experience.

This time, one plus 12 takes the above one step further-a new generation of super-frame super-painting engine, bringing users comprehensive 2K, comprehensive 120 frames and new HDR image quality.

Through the exclusive customization of professional rendering chips, as well as the super-scoring algorithm, one plus 12 has achieved the "global 2K super resolution" of all games, while supporting the "full 120 frames" of 100 + mainstream games.

In such popular mobile games as "Arena of Valor", "League of Legends Mobile Games", "Game for Peace", "Crossing the Line of Fire", "original God", "encounter of Light", "avalanche: Stardome Railway" and other popular mobile games, one plus 12 supports 120frame, 2K resolution and HDR special effects on at the same time, so there is no problem of "choose one more".

For example, in the original god game, you can exhale through the game sidebar and turn on the three options of super frame, super score and super HDR. Especially when you use Super score and Super HDR, you will immediately feel a significant change in the game screen: much brighter, more detailed, and more contrast.

It is even no exaggeration to say that it is like a myopia suddenly put on a pair of glasses, everything becomes clear and bright.

The battery life part.

One plus 12 has a built-in 5400mAh battery, which is the largest battery in one plus's flagship history, and supports 100W super flash charge, 50W wireless flash charge and 10W reverse charge. Officials say the battery can be recharged from 1% to 100% in 26 minutes. In addition, one plus 12 is also equipped with OPPO's first power management chip, which has been used healthily for 4 years.

No matter how good the algorithm is, it is not as enjoyable as a big battery. This 5400mAh battery gives one plus 12 sufficient confidence in battery life. In the experience, the author can feel the advantage of one plus 12 long battery life. For example, when the screen is lit for 2 hours and 16 minutes, only 30% of the power is consumed, which turns on 2K screen + performance mode throughout the process, as well as extreme performance testing that lasts nearly 30 minutes.

Second, the 100% power of one plus 12 is extremely durable, showing the screen for nearly an hour, including no less than 10 minutes of photo testing, but it doesn't lose any power at all, which smells like iPhone.

Fifth, the system experience article one plus 12 is also equipped with the brand-new ColorOS 14 system (based on Android 14). Regarding the ColorOS 14 system, has had a detailed experience in the evaluation article before. Interested partners can click here to read more.

Here are a few key functional experiences that the author finds interesting:

First of all, ColorOS 14 "system-level matting", you only need to select a good picture in the album, long press to automatically identify the matting, you can pick out the image in PNG format, you can choose to save, copy or share in the pop-up options, or you can go a step further by dragging this picture directly to the "transit station".

In the transit station, these contents can be temporarily stored and previewed for 30 days, as well as the ability to store and call them on one end of a mobile phone, computer or tablet.

One plus 12 also supports "portable workbench". Log in to the workbench URL through the browser, you can view all the files and materials in the tablet and phone, including pictures, video and even audio, compression packages, installation packages, and all the contents in the transit station, and so on. Jinshan documents and notes, to-do synchronization can also be achieved.

To emphasize, the "portable workbench" of ColorOS 14 has a separate Mac version, which means that Mac users have an official app that can be connected to Android phones.

Under the power of AndesGPT (Andean Model), Brooke also ushered in a new evolution.

The Xiaobu assistant carried by one plus 12 is no longer a simple voice assistant, but a personal assistant comparable to ChatGPT. For example, when we encounter some machine problems, directly consult Xiaobu assistant, we can help you deal with it, greatly reducing the operation process. For example, sometimes you don't know how to clean up your phone garbage, or you want to set eye protection mode, or you can find screenshots in photo albums, or even set the status bar, you can talk directly to Brooke.

However, as far as experience is concerned, one plus 12 Brooks does not support productivity creation functions, such as helping write speeches, planning projects, short video scripts, and so on. I hope that OTA can be upgraded as soon as possible later.

Finally, one plus 12 fully upgraded the exclusive self-developed memory gene recombination technology, and officials said that App ranked first in the industry with a consistency of one million startup times, and the ability to keep alive in the background increased from a few hours to more than 3 days, and it was able to achieve smooth use for 48 months. For this, in the fluency test of ColorOS 14, demonstrated:

22 applications were selected to test the cold start time. After the actual measurement, the cold start time of these 22 commonly used applications is about 1 minute and 15 seconds, the whole process is smooth, except for a slight fever in the test, other aspects are quite stable.

In addition to the design, image and performance, one plus 12 also has many highlights worth talking about separately, such as the "AAC bionic vibration motor Turbo", which is known as the "motor ceiling".

According to officials, the motor has a volume of 602mm ³, adapts and accesses a variety of applications and games, and adjusts the vibration performance of 72 categories of 700 + systems in the system.

In the author's experience, the most obvious scene of the experience gain brought by this vibration motor is the input method. You can choose to experience different shafts through the built-in "mechanical keyboard" of the input method, including: black crystal red axis, tea, green, silver, mute red, yellow axis and so on.

For example, in the "black crystal red axis", the moment you press, there will be a spring-like feedback force, when the finger is raised, the feedback force disappears, the motor will "click", the effect is very lifelike.

If you are a "special forces" of Game for Peace, then this motor can shine and turn on high-quality vibration in the game. After turning on, you can really feel the up and down acceleration process of the car engine when driving, and the bumps of the road can also be experienced through this motor, different guns will have different vibration effects, playing games is no longer a simple glass rub, mobile games can also achieve the vibration effect like the PS handle, which is equivalent to adding points to the game.

If you want to quickly understand the performance of this motor, you might as well try the built-in "O-Haptics" in the system settings, or download and install AAC's official App "RichTap Creator" to experience the vibration in more scenes.

However, as mentioned in the one-plus-11 review, I still hope that Yiga can polish the motor, such as the camera's zoom scene, which can only get vibration feedback when switching between fixed focal segments (such as vibrating twice between 3X-6X).

Now that you have such a good motor, you might as well make the sense of zoom vibration more delicate, for example, in the zoom process, if you encounter a fixed focus, you can feedback it to the user with a strong vibration, and when you switch between non-fixed focus segments, feedback to the user with a slight vibration.

In short, it is precisely because this motor is too strong, so I would like to add a good polish to make this motor shine. After all, the higher the ability, the higher the expectation.

One plus 12 highlights in other aspects, including support for USB 3.2 Gen1, ultra-thin screen fingerprint, "full-area multi-function NFC", support for IP65 dustproof and waterproof, support for Wi-Fi7, Bluetooth 5.4, full-function infrared remote control and ultra-linear stereo dual speakers, as well as "Rain Water touch mode", "super signal engineering" and other highlights, not to mention one by one.

Summary: summing up the one plus 12 of this generation, the author feels that one plus 12 has really achieved its own slogan of "one part, top all".

If you think about it, this generation of products is indeed strong, not only to make up for the previous shortcomings, but also to further enlarge the traditional advantages of one plus: stronger screen, stronger configuration, better stacking, more detailed configuration experience.

It seems difficult for you to find a deficiency in this generation of products, including designers who have come out of their own design style.

More importantly, there is still no "Pro" line for one plus 12, but the comprehensive experience of one plus 12 is comparable to that of Pro and even surpasses competitors' Pro products in some places.

Writing about this, I also feel that one plus sincerity, in fact, we can "cut a few cuts" on the existing basis of one plus 12, lower the price and earn a wave of praise, but one plus has not done so. this may be self-confidence!

Price information: 12GB + 256GB selling price 4299 yuan

The price of 16GB + 512GB is 4799 yuan

The price of 16GB + 1TB is 5299 yuan

The price of 24GB + 1TB is 5799 yuan

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