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DJI's first mobile power supply DJI Power 1000 parameter exposure: 13kg, 1024Wh, can be used as UPS backup power supply

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Shulou( Report--, December 5 (Xinhua)-- according to SBDJI, DJI is about to launch its first mobile power supply, DJI Power 1000, which is mainly powered by UAV pilots and is also suitable for scenarios such as travel and camping. It can also be used as a backup power source for UPS. The price is not known.

▲ source has learned that the parameters of this DJI Power 1000 mobile power product are as follows:

Weight: 13kg

Energy measure: 1024Wh

Ac power transmission entrance X 1

Interface: ac power outlet X 2, USB-C X 2, USB-A X 2, SDC X1, SDC Lite X1

Temperature range: 10C to 45 "C

Charging speed: full within 70 minutes

Battery type: lithium iron phosphate

Life span: maintain more than 80% capacity after 3000 cycles

Input type: solar energy input, car charge, city electricity

Solar energy input: 400W X 2

Ac single port power: 2200W (Japanese version 2000W)

Total power: 4400W (Japanese version 4000W)

Full load output time: 1.4 hours

Noise: 23dB~28dB

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