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KuGou music combined with Redmi depth adjustment to achieve multi-channel direct transmission of Viper Panorama.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, KuGou Music has reached a cooperation with Redmi to deeply customize and adjust its newly released Redmi Buds 5 Pro headphones to achieve KuGou's "viper panoramic sound" multi-channel direct transmission. Redmi Buds 5 Pro has also become another headset certified by Viper Panorama after Honor Pro selection, OPPO and other well-known hardware manufacturers' terminal devices.

It is understood that KuGou Music "Viper Acoustics Certification" is a product standard developed by Cool Dog Viper Acoustics Lab for audio, headphones and other audio playback hardware equipment, including "Viper Master Ribbon Certification", "Viper panoramic Sound Certification" and "Viper High Resolution Certification".

This release of the Redmi Buds 5 Pro headphones uses a ring porcelain coaxial two-unit acoustic structure, with a delicate treble and surging bass. At the same time, Viper Acoustics Lab customizes the mobile phone system by combining the acoustic characteristics of Redmi Buds 5 Pro and the sound source hearing, so that users can experience the ultimate sense of multi-channel direct transmission of KuGou's "Viper Panorama Sound" sound source through the headphones on Xiaomi and Redmi phones that support spatial audio rendering. In addition, KuGou Music also uses a self-developed professional digital engine to customize tuning according to the frequency response curve of Redmi headphones, making it feel better under the exclusive headphone sound effects.

Not only that, after the user connects to the Redmi Buds 5 Pro headset through Bluetooth, KuGou Music App will automatically recognize the headset and pop up its own page, making it convenient for the user to open the "Viper Panorama Sound" sound quality and exclusive headphone sound effects to experience. At the same time, users who buy the headphones can also get 30 days cool dog music "Viper Panorama Sound" sound quality limit-free trial, with "VR" panoramic surround shock sense, listen to the massive "Viper Panorama Sound" music library, including Jay Chou, May Day and other popular content.

At present, KuGou Music has won a number of digital audio processing technology patents, together with a number of industry ecological partners to promote the "Viper Acoustics Certification" product standard landing, and created the largest headphone sound market in China, through software and hardware collaborative customization and optimization, maximize hardware advantages. In the future, KuGou will join hands with more manufacturers to continue to explore the sound quality through technical cooperation and innovation, so as to bring users a more convenient interaction and more immersive music listening experience, and jointly create a new benchmark for audio quality.

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