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Serve customers attentively, "craftsmen" and cultivate high-quality reputation.

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In the vast and complicated market, the employees of Sichuan Unicom illuminate every customer's heart like candlelight and write a warm chapter with professional service. They are ingenious and show meticulous care to their customers with sincerity and care. They hope that under their service, every customer can feel the satisfaction and trust brought by the excellent quality of Unicom.

Excellent service leads customers' reputation and wins the attention of the industry

There is such a team, they work with a hundred times concentration and enthusiasm, they pay attention to detail and strive for perfection, they pursue excellence and ensure customer satisfaction. It is such a group of people who have not only demonstrated their outstanding strength in business, but also established an acclaimed customer brand. Their outstanding performance not only demonstrated the professionalism and outstanding ability of the team, but also made Sichuan Unicom shine.

As the backbone of the customer service department of Sichuan Unicom, the provincial complaint handling center has been committed to providing high-quality service and improving customer experience. They are not only the devotees on the job, but also the embodiment of warmth and care, so that customers' demands should be answered and every problem and demand of customers should be solved seriously. In their daily interaction with customers, they integrate every detail into unlimited care, moisten every customer's heart like a drizzle, and gradually establish an excellent service brand and win the unlimited trust of customers.

The provincial complaint handling center has a more mature problem clustering, customer experience operation and quality monitoring system by deepening intensive operation, expert care service, upgrading service standards and other measures. No matter what kind of problems they face, they always adhere to the concept of "serving the people, serving the people" and think carefully about every problem from the point of view of customers. Their goal is to bring maximum value to customers, to this end, they are always customer satisfaction-oriented, with a hundred times the mind, heart management. No matter what problems customers face, they dare to face them squarely and challenge them. Even in the face of more complex and difficult situations, they never flinch and delve into every problem in order to provide the most satisfactory solution for every customer.

Innovative service, excellent quality, win customer praise

In the Meishan business hall of Sichuan Unicom, a force of innovative service is driving them to pursue development and the perfection of service quality. As a window for Meishan Unicom to open to the outside world, they have always adhered to the service concept of "sincerity, enthusiasm and patience" over the years, which has won the high appreciation of the majority of customers. They continue to improve the connotation of service, through the creative "smile service" activities, smile into every action, greatly improve customer satisfaction.

In order to meet the needs of customers at different levels, they have carried out a series of personalized service projects. Through "one-to-one" guided services, they provide customers with exclusive care and guidance, while "many-to-one" and "one-to-many" personalized services provide more flexible and comprehensive solutions according to customer needs. For some special customer groups, they also provide door-to-door and other intimate services to ensure that every customer can "feel at home".

Meishan business hall not only pays attention to customer needs, but also actively complies with the requirements of social development, constantly improving service facilities, optimizing service process, and improving service quality. In the business hall, there are customer rest area, consulting service area, gigabit broadband experience area, business management area and other special areas to provide customers with a convenient management environment. Through the quantitative assessment of employees and the post responsibility system, the business hall has realized the standardized management and ensured the efficiency and accuracy of the service. In addition, they have established a special customer complaint handling mechanism and supervision complaint handling mechanism, and actively create a civilized service window to provide customers with more quality service.

Customer-oriented, gather strength and create outstanding results

Sichuan Unicom Mianzhu Government and Enterprise Service Center, they are not only a service organization, but also a team full of passion and dedication. They take customer satisfaction as the supreme criterion and make continuous efforts to provide excellent service. Let's explore the quintessence of this team and feel their continuous innovation motivation and endless dedication to customers.

Walking to Sichuan Unicom Mianzhu Government and Enterprise Service Center, you will be surrounded by an atmosphere of warmth and dedication. This passionate team is committed to providing quality service to the city's enterprises, party, government and military customers. They are not limited to prosperous cities, but go to the countryside to conduct field research in rural areas and experience the real needs of the masses. Through the innovative products of government and enterprises and several satisfactory cases, they successfully helped customers evaluate the Samsung provincial park and won high praise from the municipal government.

Over the years, this team has never forgotten that meeting customer needs has always been their eternal pursuit. They always maintain a keen insight, constantly push through the old and bring forth the new, and improve product quality and service satisfaction. They understand that only by meeting the needs of customers can we better support the growth and development of customers.

For the team, each member is an indispensable and important role in this magnificent picture. They support each other, move forward together, and serve every customer heart to heart. With sincere care and devotion, they turn into a ray of passion to illuminate the path of every customer.

24 years of wind and rain in the same boat to create excellent condensing heart and cast high-quality reputation

"as a connected person, I want to carry out the duty of 'the first choice for the government and the first letter for the people'!" This is the speech made by Cheng Cong, an Zhijia engineer, after completing the arduous task, the voice of Cheng Cong, and the original intention of every employee of Luzhou Longma Zhijia team of Sichuan Unicom. Luzhou Longma Zhijia team, which was founded in 1999, has gone through more than 20 years. Along the way, the team has always adhered to the solemn promise of "Unicom serves customers with heart" and takes this as the criterion of daily practice. Write countless glorious and glorious chapters in the wind and rain.

As a top team with hard technology, excellent service and strong sales, Luzhou Longma Zhijia team guarded the smooth flow of one side of the network with the strength of 11 wise engineers, providing high-quality Internet access services to 33 communities, 57 villages and 21000 households in the region, covering an area of 340.8 square kilometers. For a long time, Luzhou Longma Zhijia Iron Army has been adhering to the service belief of "my hundred times my heart, may you be very satisfied", and the team is United with each other, help each other and cooperate with each other. With the strength of the team, they have excellently completed various work requirements and indicators, and assumed the responsibility and mission of Unicom's "network guardian" with high standards of service quality and professionalism.

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