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Sensor Tower: Tencent "Arena of Valor" topped the global mobile game revenue list in November, while Miha Youyou "original God" returned to the second place.

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua) according to intelligence data from the Sensor Tower store, in November 2023, Tencent "Arena of Valor" earned 193 million US dollars in global App Store and Google Play ( Note: currently about 1.376 billion yuan), topping the global best-selling list of mobile games (excluding third-party Android channels).

▲ image source Sensor Tower Mihayou "original God" returned to No. 2 on the list. Of this total, 45.6 per cent of the revenue comes from the Chinese iOS market, with the Japanese market accounting for 22.4 per cent and the US market accounting for 10.2 per cent. On November 8, the game released version 4.2, introducing new characters and props such as new maps and Furina. These activities put the game at the second place in November and at the top of the revenue growth list.

Tencent's "PUBG Mobile" (merging "Game for Peace" revenue) ranks third on the list with revenues of $143 million (currently about 1.02 billion yuan). Of this total, 59.4 per cent of revenue comes from China's iOS market, 8.8 per cent from the US market and 3.1 per cent from Saudi Arabia.

The other five games in the top five are Scopely "Monopoly GO!" and Dream Games "Royal Match".

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