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Technology last night this morning 1205: Lulai obtained independent production qualification; QQ Music Green Diamond Deluxe Edition Wechat automatic renewal price will be increased; the first trailer of "GTA 6" will be released ahead of schedule and will

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Hello, everyone. It's Tuesday, December 5, 2023. Today's important technology information is as follows:

1. "carved two turnips cheated 30 billion" follow-up: said that Noah Wealth maliciously sued and misled investors and the public Group issued a "statement on Noah Wealth maliciously suing, misleading investors and the public" on December 4. Recently, the Chengxing case has attracted wide attention from the media and the public. In response, issued a statement saying that, as an unwitting victim, was involved in a malicious lawsuit that lasted for four years, resulting in heavy losses to the company's reputation and rights and interests. > > View details

2. Huawei Mate 50 engineering machine exposure: providing white and blue color matching, the blogger @ Wangzi Bestone recently revealed the "scrap case" of Huawei Mate 50 engineering machine. In terms of appearance, the Huawei Mate 50 engineering machine has little change compared with the model on the market, still using a large circular camera module, but offers two colors in white and blue. > > View details

3. "finished! I'm surrounded by beauties! The game DLC started shooting in Xiamen, and it is reported that it is all new characters. Earlier this year, an interactive game in love "is finished!" I'm surrounded by beauties! "it became popular on the Internet and reached the top of the Steam sales list. Developer INTINY has announced that it will develop game DLC content. According to the latest picture posted by blogger @ Nanyuan mint natural cool, "it's over!" I'm surrounded by beauties! The game DLC has been filmed in Xiamen, and the official DLC launch ceremony was held on December 3. > > View details

4. Lulai Motor has obtained independent production qualification and got rid of the credit information management system of vehicle production enterprises of Jianghuai Ministry of Manufacturing and Information Technology. According to the credit information management system, Lailai Automobile has obtained independent production qualification. The production address is 299 Baita Road, Economic and technological Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province. The news has not yet been announced by the official of Xilai Automobile, which was made by Jianghuai and needs to post the tail label of "Jianghuai Automobile". > > View details

5. It is reported that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra project machine is testing a single point ultrasonic fingerprint scheme. Currently, the blogger @ digital chat station Xiaomi Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 super large cup project machine has begun to test the "single point ultrasonic" fingerprint scheme, but it is not sure whether it will hit the ground and is being actively verified. However, there is a high probability that ultrasonic solutions will be introduced next year, and dual-supplier solutions have reserves. > > View details

6. The survey shows that 40% of Japanese college students do not copy and paste with Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V. According to Japanese media ITMedia, a survey released by WHITE, which provides human resources development service "MENTER", shows that about 40% of Japanese college students say they do not know the shortcut keys to copy and paste. > > View details

7. QQ Music, green diamond deluxe version Wechat automatic renewal price will increase: January 9 next year to 15 yuan / month, according to netizens contribution feedback, QQ Music recently sent Wechat users "renewal service price change reminder": January 9, 2024, green diamond luxury version Wechat automatic renewal fee will be changed from 11.4 yuan / month to 15 yuan / month. > > View details

8. "carved two turnips cheated 30 billion" follow-up: Noah Wealth called on to submit the evidence of "100% lying gun" to the court Group issued a "statement on Noah Wealth maliciously suing and misleading investors and the public" earlier on December 4. Noah Wealth issued a statement in response. At a critical moment in the judicial trial, Noah Wealth said that at the critical moment of the judicial trial, the case took place four years ago and was recently heard, Noah Wealth said it was puzzled by the sudden emotional statement issued by Group. At the same time, Noah Wealth called on Group to submit concrete evidence of its "100% lying gun" to the court in a legal and compliant manner. Noah Wealth said that, as a responsible large Hong Kong-US listed company, would not try to guide public sentiment and consume public resources in public opinion, thereby affecting the trial of the case. Finally, Noah Wealth said in the statement that "Noah Wealth has had more than a dozen similar incidents in recent years, with tens of billions of funds." The description is seriously untrue, which has infringed upon the company's reputation, and the company will take legal measures to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests. > > View details

9. It is reported that Sony has the exclusive marketing right of "GTA6". A few days ago, the game blogger Alex Smith posted a post on the X platform, claiming that the launch of "GTA6" will be exclusive to the mainframe and will not log on to PC until a year later, while Sony PlayStation will have the mainframe marketing right of "GTA6". > > View details

10. China has launched the formulation of AVS4 video coding standards. According to the official news of Shenzhen, the National Ultra HD Video Innovation Center, on November 29, 2023, the "ICTC 2023-Ultra HD Standards International Cooperation Forum" was successfully held in Hangzhou. Sheng Zhifan, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of the Technical Committee of the China Federation of Radio and Television Social organizations, said in his opening speech that through the joint efforts of all parties, China's AVS3 coding standard has become the recommended standard for the next generation of DVB video coding, promoting the internationalization of China's UHD standards. > > View details

11. The nomination list of the annual list of the top 10 games in 2023 has been announced: "collapse: star Dome Railway", "Magic Tower", "original God", etc., sponsored by the China Audio, Video and Digital Publishing Association. The nomination list of the annual list of "Top Ten Games" sponsored by the Game work Committee of China Audio and Digital Association and China Game Industry Research Institute has now been announced.

Excellent Mobile Game: collapse: Stardome Railway

Crystal nucleus

In the name of shining

High-energy hero

The Sword of the Orchid: for this peaceful World

Magic tower

Xianjian World 3 Mobile Games

Original god

Egg party

All over the world > > View details

12. It is reported that Xiaomi's first car is targeted to load 300 cars in December, and the exhibition has entered the preparatory stage. According to the domestic car media "AutoPix car Pixel" reported on December 4, Xiaomi's first car entered the fifth stage of production line verification at the Yizhuang factory last week, which needs to complete the target of loading 300 vehicles this month, several times higher than in November. > > View details

13. Huawei innovative product launch official Xuan Xuan held in Dubai on December 12, Huawei officially announced on December 4 that the Huawei innovative product launch will be unveiled in Dubai on December 12, when it will "witness the collision between cutting-edge technology and fashion aesthetics". Slogan is "the convergence of inspiration and the beauty of creation". > > View details

14. Gullman: Apple is turning more attention to 6G research and development of Bloomberg Mark Goolman released the latest issue of "Power On" on Sunday local time, talking about Apple's research and development plans for 6G technology. At the same time, he said bluntly in his X tweet, "forget Apple's 5G modem, even though it hasn't been cancelled. Apple's 6G research is heating up." > > View details

15. The first trailer of "GTA 6" has been released in advance and released in 2025. Although the trailer of "GTA VI" was originally scheduled to premiere at 22:00 on Tuesday, December 5, Beijing time, Rockstar has already released the full trailer on its official YouTube channel in advance. The trailer says the game will be released in 2025, but does not specify the launch platform. > > View details

16. China Telecom advises users to turn off the "dual-band in one" function of the router. China Telecom Weibo posts that there may be problems such as slow WiFi speed and weak signal. In view of the problems such as slow WiFi speed, weak signal, and old disconnection, users are advised to turn off the router "dual-band in one" function. A router can connect to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The "dual-band in one" function is to combine the Wi-Fi signals of 2.4GHz and 5GHz into a single network name (SSID). According to the algorithm, the router will automatically connect to the best band of the signal. China Telecom said that this function is not so "intelligent", and the following situations may occur: frequent switching may affect the stability of the network. Some devices are not compatible with the 5GHz band after connecting to 2.4GHz. Do not automatically switch > > check details.

17. The United States has issued new rules that US electric vehicles using Chinese batteries will not enjoy tax exemption. The US Treasury has announced that starting from next year, electric vehicles made in the United States will no longer be eligible for a tax credit of up to $7500 (about 53550 yuan) provided by the US inflation reduction Act (IRA) if they include battery components made or assembled in China and other countries. > > View details

That's all for today. Science and technology last night and this morning. I'll see you tomorrow.

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