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Tesla announced the opening and upgrading of the charging network to support more third-party brand vehicles.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen AG01 for the clue delivery! November 28 news, Tesla announced to further expand the open scope of Tesla charging network, more non-Tesla vehicles can also use Tesla charging network to charge. At present, Tesla has opened more than 350 super charging stations and more than 260 destination charging stations. It is said that the third-generation super charging piles, cyber charging and portable mobile charging support most non-Tesla vehicles to charge.

The non-Tesla vehicle supercharging launched in November 2021 will continue to expand to new countries and regions to advance our mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

To create a wide coverage, convenient and reliable fast charging network is very important for the promotion and popularization of electric vehicles. So since the construction of the first supercharging stations in 2012, we have been working to accelerate the expansion of the supercharging network. At present, we have more than 50000 super charging piles worldwide.

Non-Tesla vehicle customers can use some of the supercharging stations through the Tesla application (version 4.20.69 or later). Tesla customers can continue to use these charging stations as usual, and we will closely monitor the situation of each charging station and listen to the customer experience.

We have always hoped to open up the supercharging network to non-Tesla brand electric vehicles and encourage more people to accept and use electric vehicles.

As more customers use the supercharging network, it will expand faster. Our goal is to continue to expand the charging network on a large scale, while learning and iterating quickly in technology, eventually enabling all supercharging stations around the world to provide charging services for Tesla and non-Tesla owners.

Where can I use non-Tesla vehicles for super charging at present? As of November 2023, more than 350 supercharging stations have been opened to non-Tesla vehicles on Chinese mainland, with 90 per cent of Chinese mainland provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government. Note: specific information about the opening of charging stations can be viewed through the Tesla application > charging for non-Tesla vehicles > charging map.

Which brand models can be recharged using super charging stations? At present, the non-Tesla vehicle supercharging service in Chinese mainland market is limited to the following electric models:

Aichi U5

BMW i3, iX, iX3

Porsche Taycan

Mercedes-Benz EQC

BYD Han EV, Tang EV

Great Wall Euler good cat

Dongfeng Fengshen E70

Ford Electric Horse Mach-E

Haohe HiPhi X, HiPhi Z


Guangzhou Automobile Toyota C-HR EV

Hezhong Nezhong U

FAW Red Flag E-HS9

Polar Fox Alpha T

Geely Dihao GSe, Geometry A, Geometry C

Polar krypton 001

Polar star Polestar 2

Jaguar Land Rover I-Pace


Zero run C11

Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi

SAIC Marvel R

Smart Sprite # 1, Sprite # 3

FAW-Volkswagen ID.4 CROZZ

Weimar EX5

Weilai EC6, ES6

Volvo XC40

Xiaopeng P7

FAW Audi e-tron

FAW Toyota IZOA E engine

Will more charging stations be open to non-Tesla vehicles? At this stage, we only open a certain number of charging stations to sum up experience, monitor congestion and evaluate feedback through these stations. The new charging station will be open to non-Tesla vehicles only if there are sufficient charging spaces.

Will Tesla owners get an extra discount compared to non-Tesla owners? As a Tesla owner, you can experience the seamless integration of charging posts and vehicles, optimized route planning and battery temperature preset functions. You can also enjoy a discounted super charging fee.

Does the length of the super charging cable support the connection to all vehicles in the station? The layout of some supercharging stations may not be suitable for some electric vehicles. If the charging cable cannot link the vehicle in an appropriate state, please do not cross the line to stop, so as not to affect the use of other vehicles.

Does the supercharging station support all types of charging connectors? Only vehicles equipped with China charging pile standard GB / T 20234.3-2015 charging interface can carry out super charging for non-Tesla vehicles. Tesla cannot provide charging services for vehicles that do not fully comply with the communication and safety protocols of the Chinese charging pile standard GB / T 20234.3-2015. If you have problems charging your vehicle, please contact the Tesla customer support team or your vehicle manufacturer.

As for the cost, Tesla said that the charging fee of the vehicle will be adjusted periodically according to the market situation, specifically based on the actual price of the station announced by the Tesla application.

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