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2023 operating system Industry Conference and Tongxin UOS Ecological Conference scheduled for December 20

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the clues of crucian carp snow fox to deliver! December 5 news, Universe Software announced that the 2023 operating system industry conference and Tongxin UOS ecological conference will be scheduled for December 20.

The conference will adopt the "1-4-7" model: 1 main venue, 4 parallel forums and 7 regional sub-venues will be held simultaneously, and customers, ecological partners, technology developers, governments and social organizations will be invited to participate in the conference. inquiry found that this is already the fourth Tongxin UOS ecological conference. At the last 2022 Congress, Tongxin UOS Home Edition 22.0 was pre-released, and launched a 399 yuan system mobile solid state disk.

After a year, what new achievements will Tongxin UOS bring? will immediately follow up on the relevant important news on December 20.

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