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"Cyberpunk 2077: the Ultimate Collection" is on sale today: log on to the PC / PS5 / XSX game platform, Steam 390.68 yuan

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Shulou( Report--, December 5 (Xinhua)-- the much-watched "Cyberpunk 2077: the Ultimate Collection" is officially available tonight, available on PC (Steam, GOG, Epic), PS5 and Xbox Series S | X platforms, and physical versions are available only in specific markets.

Although it is called "Cyberpunk 2077: the Ultimate Collection", it exists in major stores in the form of "Cyberpunk 2077: shadow of the past" bundles, currently GOG stores for US $53.59 ( Note: currently about 383 yuan), Steam area 390.68 yuan, PS stores and Xbox stores all cost 568 Hong Kong dollars (currently about 519 yuan).

It is worth mentioning that the game version 2.1 update has also been officially launched, including on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S platforms. New and highly anticipated new elements will be added to this version.

The ultimate collection includes the Cyberpunk 2077 game body and the Shadow of the past expansion, including the basic game and all the updates ever released.

At present, the game body of "cyber punk 2077" in Steam is 298 yuan, and the price of DLC "Shadow of the past" is 149 yuan, but it is currently at a 15% discount, so it is 126.65 yuan. You can get an 8% discount if you buy a bundle directly.

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