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Mozilla, the developer of Firefox Firefox, earned $593 million in 2022, $6 million less than in 21 years.

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Thanks to netizen Coje_He for the clue delivery!, December 5 (Xinhua)-- Firefox Firefox developer Mozilla this week released the company's audited financial results for 2022, with revenues of $593 million ( Note: currently about 4.234 billion yuan), $6 million less than in 2021 (currently about 42.84 million yuan).

Most of ▲ source MozillaMozilla's revenue comes from royalties, mostly from the browser's built-in Google search engine. Mozilla earned $510 million (currently about 3.641 billion yuan) from related concessions in 2022, down $17 million from 2021 (currently about 121 million yuan), probably due to a decline in the number of Firefox users.

Mozilla's other sources of revenue are software subscriptions and advertising, which rose to $75 million (currently about 536 million yuan) in 2022.

On the expenditure side, Mozilla's expenditure soared from $339 million in 2021 (currently about 2.42 billion yuan) to $425 million in 2022 (currently about 3.034 billion yuan), mainly due to software development, project management and brand marketing:

Software development increased by $21 million (currently about 150 million yuan) to $220 million (currently about 1.571 billion yuan)

Brand and marketing increased by $30 million (currently about 214 million yuan) to $58 million (currently about 414 million yuan)

General matters and administration increased by $27 million (currently about 193 million yuan) to $108 million (currently about 771 million yuan).

Mozilla accelerated its investment strategy in 2023. In total, the group has invested in 25 companies and acquired Fakespot, and while other sources of revenue continue to grow, Mozilla's survival depends on the browser's "default use of Google search engine" franchise.

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