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Microsoft tests Bing deep search: enhanced with GPT-4, slower than ordinary search

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 5th, today, Microsoft brings a new feature to its own search engine, Bing Deep search (Deep Search), which can provide "more relevant answers" to more complex questions.

Microsoft points out that when people are faced with complex and delicate problems, it is often difficult to find the answers they need quickly. Although users know what they are looking for, search engines cannot understand it.

According to reports, this new feature can provide more relevant and comprehensive answers to the "most complex search". However, Microsoft launched Bing Deep search not to replace the existing basic search function, but to provide a deeper and richer web search option.

Understand the search intent Deep Search is based on Bing's existing web indexing and ranking system and is enhanced based on GPT-4. When the Deep Search function is turned on, it can expand the search content to a description with "what the ideal result should have".

Of course, some users may not be able to give precise questions when querying, which can lead to ambiguous results. In this case, it uses GPT-4 to understand the user's "all possible intentions" and gives a comprehensive description of each intention.

Reflected in the specific product, Deep Search provides an ambiguous option that displays all the content that the user may be asking.

Looking for more in-depth results after users ask questions, Bing will take this question deep into a variety of networks to extract relevant content that does not normally appear in ordinary search results. It is said that Deep Search will use a series of query techniques to find extended content that may match user problems.

Thanks to this, Deep Search can learn from the example and find the results in different directions that users want to query, even if they do not explicitly contain the original keywords.

Microsoft pointed out that Bing needs to consider millions of pages in each search, while Deep Search has to consider ten times the results to find more specific or comprehensive answers than normal search results.

The result ranking Deep Search first reviews the large number of pages it collects and then sorts them according to how well they match the comprehensive description.

Of course, here Deep Search uses a variety of strategies to determine the correlation and quality of each result, taking into account factors such as matching, appropriateness of detail, credibility of the source, freshness and popularity.

Speed obviously, Deep Search has to search tens of millions of pages to give an answer, so it takes longer to search than a normal search, and may even take up to 30 seconds to complete.

So must remind you that Deep Search is not for all users, it is more suitable for those who are used to asking questions in a complex way, so Deep Search is currently only an optional feature.

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