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Android version of Beeper Mini on the shelves: native implementation of iMessage protocol, blue bubble chat experience

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Thanks to netizen Alejandro86 for the clue delivery!, December 6 (Xinhua)-- after the Nothing Chat app was taken off the shelves due to encryption and privacy issues, another app called Beeper Mini recently launched on Play Store, claiming to have successfully reversed the iMessage protocol, bringing a blue bubble experience to Android users.

The app is now available for download on Play Store, and users don't need to log in with Apple ID credentials to chat with Apple users on iMessage. attached the official introduction of the application as follows:

Finally, get blue bubbles on Android! Beeper Mini is a full-featured chat app designed for chatting with iPhone friends.

Your phone number is no longer a green bubble! When an iPhone friend sends you a text message, your number will appear in blue.

Beeper Mini protects your chat with end-to-end encryption.

"this is a major breakthrough," explains Eric Migicovsky, co-founder and chief executive of Beeper. "We are no longer actually middlemen. Our research is to reverse engineer the iMessage protocol to the bottom of the agreement." previously reported that Nothing Chat uses a backend provided by BlueBubbles, but it is a messaging company known for its "lack of end-to-end encryption."

Beeper Mini is different from Nothing Chat in that it uses a Mac Mini in the data center to respond to users' information transmission needs.

After the user sends the message, it actually sends the message to Mac Mini, which then forwards it to iMessage. Beeper Mini is the native implementation of the iMessage protocol.

The company claims that Beeper does not have access to the content of users' messages, does not send messages in clear text, and can implement end-to-end encryption.

The information is encrypted on the device before leaving the application. Encryption keys are only stored in the phone's Android file system, similar to other applications such as Signal and WhatsApp. The app will not connect to any of Beeper's own servers, only Apple servers, just like "real" iMessage text.

This means that Beeper Mini can run as a true iMessage client, supporting high-resolution photos and videos, threading, replying, read receipts, direct messages and group chats, clickback emoji responses, editing and unsending messages, as well as supporting stickers, GIF, voice notes, and other functions.

Features that are not yet supported include real-time location sharing, information effects, and FaceTime audio and video call support. Users do not need Apple ID to use Beeper Mini.

Thanks to netizen @ Cao Xianren's reminder, users can enjoy the app for free for seven days after downloading, with a subsequent monthly fee of $1.99 ( Note: currently about 14 yuan).

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