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Microsoft will provide three-year paid extension security updates for Win10, which can also be used by individual users.

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Shulou( Report--, December 6 (Xinhua)-- Microsoft announced a few weeks ago that it will add new features to Windows 10 22H2, including its Copilot-generated AI assistant, in part a reversal of its previous plan not to add any new features to the operating system. However, Microsoft also reiterated that Windows 10 will still end its mainstream support on October 14, 2025.

Today, Microsoft announced that it will provide a three-year paid extended security update (ESU) for companies that still need to use Windows 10 on their PC after the end of the official life cycle. It is worth mentioning that Microsoft has also confirmed that it will also provide ESU plans for Windows 10 individual consumers, but details have not yet been released.

"Devices participating in the ESU program will receive monthly security updates to keep these Windows 10 PC secure," Microsoft said. "the Windows 10 ESU plan will include critical and / or important security updates. ESU does not include new features, non-secure updates required by customers, or design change requests. Technical support outside ESU itself is not available."

Pricing for Windows 10 ESU has not been announced, but Microsoft has said that any Windows 10 PC logged into a cloud PC running Windows 11 (via Microsoft 365) will automatically receive these ESU updates for free, and the same applies to any Windows 10 instance on Azure virtual desktops.

Of course, Microsoft would prefer the company to update its PC to Windows 11. If these computers meet the system requirements of Windows 11, Microsoft says they can be updated through Windows Autopatch or Microsoft Intune. As mentioned earlier, if their Windows 10 PC does not meet the system requirements of Windows 11, they can access Windows 11 on the cloud PC through Windows 365. However, Microsoft says it may be time to buy a new PC with Windows 11 Pro pre-installed. noted that an online petition recently launched by the public interest network asked Microsoft to extend the life of Windows 10, saying the higher PC requirements of Windows 11 could mean that millions of PC could not be updated and "could lead to the largest computer scrap in history".

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