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Bazhitang M30 Xbox version of the six-button fighting handle on the market, the first price is 179 yuan

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Thank netizens for the clue delivery of the tape! news on December 6, learned from Bazitang official account that Bazitang launched the M30 Xbox version of the six-key fighting handle, which is available for pre-sale at 10:00 on December 22nd. The price of the product is 229 yuan, and the first price is 179 yuan.

Officials say there are several upgrades to the M30 Xbox version, not only with Microsoft's official license to support Xbox Series, Xbox One and Windows10/11 systems, but also for elite software, with 3.5mm headset control and pluggable cable connections.

Bazhitang M30 Xbox version uses wired connection, retains the classic design of the previous generation of classic six-key combat handle products, maintains the pebble shape, free and firm short grip design, bringing a comfortable grip. The handle uses a fine frosted surface, a small oblique arrow, a cross key full of details, and an A B C button with a texture of powder and waxy, bringing a more delicate game control experience.

In the key design, the product continues to use six-key classic layout, disc double-layer cross key, support custom continuous delivery. 4 shoulder key design, can adapt to more modern games. The handle also supports quick switch of the button layout. Gamers can quickly switch the control mode of the handle. Bawei Tang 8BitDo M30 game controller 179 yuan direct link

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