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The new wind data service network of digital economy has made a major breakthrough in Guangdong.

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Shulou( Report--

On April 9, 2020, with the issuance of the opinions on the Construction of a more perfect Market-oriented allocation system and Mechanism of elements, the data was formally defined as the fifth largest factor of production after land, labor, capital and technology. it opened the prelude to the reform of the market-oriented allocation of data elements in the whole country.

Around the establishment of data property rights system, the establishment of data elements circulation and transaction system, the improvement of market-oriented allocation mechanism of data elements, data security, multi-party collaborative governance and other key issues, active exploration and practice have been carried out all over the country.

From December 8 to 10, the Guangdong Provincial Government, in conjunction with the governments of Hong Kong and Macao, will jointly host the second Digital Government Building Summit and the "Digital Bay area" Development Forum in Guangzhou to comprehensively sum up the experience of digital government construction across the country. show the innovative achievements of the digital construction of the government and enterprises, promote the effective docking of digital supply and demand, and strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the national digital government and the market system of data elements.

At this summit, data Service Network, a data element market infrastructure organized and designed by the Digital Industry Ecological Co-Construction Alliance and under the guidance of the Guangdong Provincial Administration of Government Services and data, will be solemnly displayed in booth B11 of Hall 19.2 in area D of the Canton Fair, focusing on the construction and transformation achievements of the "data Service Network" in Guangdong Province, as well as the first batch of pilot units.

During the summit, Guangdong Provincial Administration of Government Affairs Service data served as a guiding unit. It is jointly sponsored by the National Engineering Laboratory of E-Government Modeling and Simulation (Harbin Engineering University), Songshan Laboratory, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, Guangdong Digital Government Research Institute, China Telecom Guangdong Branch, China United Network Communications Co., Ltd. Guangdong Branch, BYD Automobile and Guangdong Branch of Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd. The data Service Network value Forum on "data elements Market needs Digital Market Environment" hosted by Guangdong Digital Government Research Institute will be held synchronously in Ballroom C of International Conference Center in area D of Canton Fair on the morning of December 9. At that time, the trial launch ceremony of "data Service Network" will be held, and a number of important guests will come to the scene to share and discuss hot issues related to the market-oriented allocation of data elements. Talk about new opportunities for digital development.

Through the innovative use of digital public goods model, data link model and other key technical solutions, it effectively solves the major issue of market-oriented allocation of data elements, and provides a key digital market environment and governance environment for the capitalization of data resources and optimizing the mechanism of market-oriented allocation of elements. It lays an important foundation for the cultivation and growth of the data factor market.

Elites from all walks of life who are interested in the digital transformation of the industry, or who are willing to join the digital economy, digital society, digital government and other fields, are welcome to participate in the event by way of offline and online. We will jointly witness the Chinese original plan for the reform of market-oriented allocation of data elements.

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