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Super Lion S7 Master projection is fully revealed, bringing audio-visual ceiling audio-visual experience.

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Shulou( Report--

Since the launch of Super Lion S7 on August 25, Super Lion S7 has caused a great sensation in the market, not only because of its excellent product performance, but also because of its eye-catching design and innovative functions, it has successfully attracted the attention of many channel vendors. This concern not only set off an upsurge in the market, but also made Super Lion S7 achieve remarkable results in attracting investment.

Super Lion S7, the flagship product of Super Lion's S series, here are some key factors that may contribute to its success:

Super Lion S7 instrument performs well in key performance such as resolution, brightness, contrast and so on. This performance advantage can meet consumers' demand for high-quality images and make them stand out in the highly competitive market.

This instrument is equipped with powerful 2GB+64GB large memory and integrates a series of intelligent correction functions, such as autofocus, automatic trapezoid correction, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic screen entry, and so on, to provide users with a more convenient and rich experience.

Super Lion S7 also provides 1080p high-resolution pictures and supports 4K decoding to provide users with clear and complete visual enjoyment. And stand out with the true brightness of 1000 ANSI lumens, and its brightness performance is not inferior to the DLP products worth ten thousand yuan on the market. This feature ensures excellent results in a variety of environments.

Product appearance design plays a vital role in the market. Super Lion S7 uses a metal shell in appearance, showing a simple and generous design style, while injecting a higher texture, making it give people a high-quality impression in terms of vision and touch.

Brand competition intensifies, consumers pay more attention to user experience

With the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of the quality of life, the demand for products has shifted from simple functionality to more emphasis on experience. Intelligence is no longer just a device to enlarge the screen, but needs to integrate more intelligent and personalized functions.

Especially during the Singles' Day holiday this year, although the competition in the smart device market is still fierce, the competition between brands is no longer limited to price competition. Instead, they focus on providing better products and services and creating a more innovative user experience. This is also because more and more consumers begin to focus on quality and experience, not just price.

However, at present, many products have not been able to meet this demand, resulting in a gap between consumers' expectations of new products and actual products.

The market is still broad, and the super lion strives for win-win results.

The head of Super Lion predicts that the domestic consumer market will usher in development opportunities in 2024 with the gradual recovery of the consumer economy, which may create new market records in many growth areas. In this era full of opportunities, many brands in the market are ambitious.

From the product point of view, 1LCD technology is almost the only technology to achieve comprehensive localization in China, so it has a strong cost control ability and enterprise R & D motivation. With the continuous increase of investment by major manufacturers, the launch of more high-end 4K products and the upgrading of technology, the market still has broad prospects.

In view of this, as one of the new generation brands of 1LCD, Super Lion has been focusing on the young consumer market, firmly implementing the market strategy with quality innovation and high performance-to-price ratio as the core, and positioning itself in the middle and low-end market. Firmly implement the market strategy with quality innovation and cost-effective as the core. This strategy aims to achieve a win-win situation with Super Lion's channel partners and enable agents to take the initiative in the increasingly complex and diversified market competition.

After in-depth discussion and careful adjustment, Super Lion has carefully created a detailed joining plan for partners who are interested in the market, including a special discount of 0 deposit, 0 deposit and 0 franchise fee to ensure zero risk in the process of cooperation.

In addition, the products of the agent will also enjoy the free warranty service provided by Super Lion for 2 years, and get 3-5 free after-sales spare machine support. This is definitely a rare opportunity to join agents, providing solid protection and practical benefits for partners.

Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to contact us through the Wechat official account "Super Lion" to explore cooperation opportunities.

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