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Wo Fei Sky and Hainan Hanchen signed orders for various types of eVTOL aircraft. What is the price of the flying car?

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Recently, Wofei Changkong disclosed the airworthiness configuration improvement of its product AE200 in the 2023 International Electric Aviation Forum, and signed an order with Hainan Hanchen for AE200 commercial models and trainer models, which will be used for the training of subsequent eVTOL pilots. This means that an era of low-altitude travel belonging to flying cars is accelerating.

·However, while flying cars bring convenience, they also cause some people's worries. For example, is the price and cost of flying cars more expensive than helicopters? Will flying cars increase the cost of future urban travel?

From the attributes of flying cars, the price, cost and energy consumption of flying cars are considerable compared with helicopters, so we don't have to worry too much about the travel costs after large-scale commercial landing. Compared with helicopters, flying cars adopt electric vertical take-off and landing technology, zero carbon emission, low requirements for take-off and landing points, not only environmental protection and no pollution, but also greatly reduce energy consumption costs. According to Wofei Changkong's introduction, flying cars only have 1/2 of the initial purchase cost and 1/4 of the direct use cost of helicopters of the same class, providing efficient and affordable low-altitude travel services. In addition, under the conditions of large-scale mature application of flying vehicles in the future, the mileage unit price is 2-3 times that of ground special vehicle travel, and the journey time is only 1/4-1/5 of ground travel, so the comprehensive efficiency cost will be more optimized.

At the same time, Wofei Changkong also has Geely's mature industrial chain support and self-research and innovation capability. In terms of supply chain, it can unite Geely Group's internal battery enterprises, motor electric control enterprises, raw materials and production bases, so as to create flying automobile products with higher cost performance, high quality and high stability.

Taking its first self-developed flying car AE200 as an example, it adopts pure electric vertical take-off and landing technology, single-wing distributed tilting power design and distributed electric propulsion (DEP) technology, which is not only green and economical, but also overcomes the shortcomings of traditional tilting mechanism in reliability and safety. At this International Electric Aviation Forum, Wofei Changkong shared the latest airworthiness configuration improvement of AE200. On the basis of the power arrangement of "eight-axis four-tilt rotation," the airworthiness configuration selection of "eight-axis four-tilt rotation" was further clarified, which significantly improved the safety of flying vehicles under dangerous flight conditions and single power unit failure.

AE200Y Airworthiness Configuration Illustration

In the market, with advanced, high-quality, cost-effective flying car products, Wofei Changkong undoubtedly gained an advantage. Up to now, Wofei Changkong has completed two rounds of market-oriented financing, signed various eVTOL model orders with Hualong Airlines, Hainan Hanchen and other enterprises, and will integrate various resources and advantages in the future to jointly promote the airworthiness and commercial landing operation of flying vehicles.

When the technology and operation are more mature, we will not have to worry about the price of flying cars and the travel costs they bring, and usher in an era of efficient, safe, comfortable, green and economical low-altitude travel.

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