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Scientific and technological innovation led the prosperity and development of the industry, and Xiaodu was awarded the title of "Shanghai innovative Enterprise headquarters".

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On December 5, the awarding ceremony of the first batch of innovative enterprise headquarters in Shanghai City was held in Shanghai. Gong Zheng, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, awarded the medals to 40 innovative enterprise headquarters and took a group photo. Artificial intelligence technology companies ranked among them, and Li Ying, vice president of the Group and CEO of Xiaodu Technology, attended the ceremony as an enterprise representative and accepted the award. It is reported that this is the first time that Shanghai has independently identified the headquarters of innovative enterprises. Winning this honor is a high recognition and affirmation of the independent research and development of artificial intelligence technology and the ecological empowerment of industries in many fields.

(Photo: Li Ying, CEO of Xiaodu Technology, accepts the title of "Innovative Enterprise Headquarters in Shanghai City" on behalf of Xiaodu)

Innovative enterprises are an important supporting force for Shanghai to continuously improve its urban energy level, core competitiveness and accelerate the construction of "five centers" and modern industrial system. In recent years, Shanghai has focused on artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, biomedicine, digital economy and other key industrial fields, providing an open and inclusive fertile ground for innovative enterprises.

Li Ying, CEO of Xiaodu Technology, said that Xiaodu deeply felt the strong support from governments at all levels in Shanghai City, Pudong New District and Zhangjiang during the years of registration and development in Shanghai, and provided intimate and meticulous guidance, help and service for Xiaodu in aspects such as talent support, R & D support, application scenario and supervision guidance.

In such a favorable entrepreneurial environment, the development of artificial intelligence continues to accelerate to a small extent, and new breakthroughs have been made in technology, products and ecological construction. At present, DuerOS, the core technology of small degree, has become the largest conversational artificial intelligence operating system in China. The number of voice interactions of devices equipped with small assistant reaches 7.1 billion times per month, and the connected IoT smart home devices exceed 300 million, covering more than 70 categories. Innovative products integrating small software and hardware have facilitated the daily lives of more than 40 million families and hundreds of millions of users. Among them, small-scale intelligent screen, intelligent slightly, learning tablet, Tiantian girl friend machine, fitness mirror and other innovative products occupy an absolutely leading market position in the industry. In terms of patents, Xiaodu has obtained nearly 1000 domestic and foreign patents, including about 700 invention patents.

In addition to its own development, Xiaodu also provides AI technology support such as voice interaction for more than 1500 enterprises in many fields such as hotel real estate, vehicle intelligence, mobile wear, etc., boosting the innovation and development of the industry. In the field of hotels, Xiaodu provides intelligent products for 900,000 guest rooms nationwide, providing services to more than 400 cities and about 300 million person-times every year; in terms of vehicle-mounted intelligence, Xiaodu and Jiyue and other well-known automobile enterprises carry out in-depth cooperation, opening up a variety of brand-new travel experiences such as intelligent vehicle-mounted system and vehicle-home interconnection.

When talking about the future development of Xiaodu, Li Ying, CEO of Xiaodu Technology, said that Xiaodu will continue to be rooted in Shanghai, continue to be based on AI innovation in the field of human-computer interaction, further increase its layout in Shanghai and R & D efforts and investment in artificial intelligence technology, and contribute to the development of innovative economy and high-quality development in Shanghai City and the construction of a science and technology innovation center with global influence.

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