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2023 Edge Cloud Computing ranking was released, Tianyi Cloud ranked first.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, Deben Consulting, eNet Research Institute, Internet Weekly jointly released the "2023 Edge Cloud Computing TOP50" list. Tianyi Cloud successfully reached the top with the strong product advantages of edge security acceleration platform AccessOne and rich landing practices.

With the arrival of the era of the Internet of everything, the amount of access to edge devices, types of access, and the amount of data generated by devices are growing explosively. New application scenarios put forward higher requirements for real-time edge data processing. In the face of the massive data generated, traditional cloud computing has been unable to meet the edge side of data processing security, real-time, low latency and other requirements, edge computing has ushered in the rapid development.

Tianyi Cloud, as a national team of cloud services, has built Tianyi Cloud Edge Security acceleration platform AccessOne based on customers' actual business needs. Relying on China Telecom's distributed edge resources and based on CDN base, Tianyi Cloud injects cloud native security capabilities into distributed edge nodes to achieve network bottom layer arrangement of performance, security and computing atomic capabilities, and with four major product capabilities of "security and acceleration, zero trust, edge access, developer platform". One-stop response to customer acceleration and protection needs, to help governments and enterprises easily protect their own business security.

At present, Tianyi Cloud Edge Security acceleration platform AccessOne has been widely used, bringing more innovation and development opportunities for the digital transformation of Qianhang Baiye. In the field of education, for example, Tianyi Cloud Edge Security acceleration platform AccessOne helps Sichuan enrollment examination Information Co., Ltd., in response to the sudden increase in visits to the college entrance examination results query, on the basis of not changing the customer origin server structure, based on distributed edge cloud nodes, achieve real-time dynamic expansion, so that customers do not need to purchase hardware servers to accelerate website access and ensure the safe and stable operation of the website. To reduce cost and increase efficiency. At the same time, in many fields, such as media, government affairs, e-commerce and so on, Tianyi Cloud Edge Security acceleration platform AccessOne is also helping customers to deal with network attacks efficiently with its strong performance to ensure customer business stability and security.

With the digital transformation of the whole society gradually deepening to reality, computing power to the edge has become a general trend. Tianyi Yun will continue to dig deep into the field of marginal computing, create products with advanced technology, stable performance and reliable quality through scientific and technological innovation, enable enterprises to digitally transform and upgrade, and improve the quality and growth rate for the high-quality development of the digital economy.

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